Back to the Drawing Board

Well, I wish I could say how pleased I am to get the recording out the way, however, this is not the case as I go back to the drawing board with “Its A New Day”.  I am planning on performing it tomorrow and as it will be done LIVE I think I may get away with it nonetheless, I was hoping to be having it completed so I can rest my soul and let it go to work.

This project has been a real learning curve of my patience as its taken a quarter of a year to get thus far.  Of course with a big machine behind me things would be different, so in a way I am super-pleased to see what comes out of my kitchen as I venture on.

I know that being part of WIM Club Nite production has really helped me to grow and I took such joy in sharing my material at the #NOCOVERSCLUB in #Northfield on Thursday nite – it was only the return journey that took its toll; how the ghouls come out to play  :-((

So what is the lesson that the Universe is teaching me in this process?  Well I have learned that as much as I think I need to be reliant, it is imperative that I remain #FOCUSED in my plight to achieve and complete this project.  I am finding that I am becoming more open as I connect with my audiences and appreciate having that relationship, which I have never really had before.

There is a true sense of comradery that as a performer working with PA and backing tracks, you don’t quite feel the integrity of it all.  This is a blessing with a difference and I plan to relish in it whilst I still have the ability of my #defaultbutton.

Go enjoy your musical weekend world!  #LifeIsForLiving x

PS: Images from No Covers Club – twitter @geriminelli


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