I Play Dance Tracks

… I couldn’t wait to get to play the Women in Music Club Nite last night and share my renditions of “Silence” and “I Remember” by Deadmau5 – it felt so comfortable for I simply just want to share what brings me joy – when I’m not sharing my own compositions.

I am in a whole new realm of which I get to control the music and how its delivered and although I am still brushin-off my collar its a great feeling to be achieving.

If you had told me back in November 2017 that I would be playing live in this way, I would have said – STOP IT!  So what was the inspiration?  Well when I thought no one would come forward to play the Club Nite for the Blind event, I had to dig into a place I thought I would never go again.  Having tried it once as a solo act, I failed miserably to keep my nerves together.  The footage you see from 2010 took some effort and as I was not appearing regular, I had no need to keep up the practise and that’s when humping-a-PA became my friend… and boy did that relationship take its toll.

So what an absolute pleasure it is to simply throw the guitar on my back and trot off to share my naked-performances with others.  Like #Justine T once sang, “I’m Lovin’ It” – the only problem is, it makes me want to eat a #MaccieD’s and we have seen where that got me!  Eight years down the line, I am still enjoying being meat free.

So for anyone out there who has a dream to bring to fruition, go make it happen.  Go live your  #ONE-SHOT-GLORY… because I am!  It may have taken me seven and a half years to pick up the guitar and find the courage nonetheless I believe we all have a default-button deep in all of us.

“Shine your light so bright ” (excerpt from “Its A New Day” – forthcoming single)



#MacDonalds – @MacDonalds

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