When Determination Kicks In

… I can’t quite tell you where it came from and how I was able to transform my garden shed into a picture perfect for any home gardening advert – now this is in the sense that it looked like a ‘bom-peck’ about 10 days ago, as the result of me not being able to do much physically in recent years.

The recent blessing of amazing British weather certainly helped the bones to be rejuventated and this enabled me to soak up the rays as it beamed down on me, enabling me to quote that famous line, from my lady’s movie ” The Wizard of OZ”   “I’M MELTING” …with considerable pain of course I manouvered on forks, rolled stones on old skateboards and troweled my way through the tough soil (only God knows).  

So where does the determination come from?  For people who suffer with any kind of mental anxiety, or SAD-ness (seasonal affective disorder) I can surely sympathise, as for many it may only take a moment of sunshine, a smile, a morning greeting to help to make a difference to someone’s day.  (Hmmh! It sounds just like a line from a song…Minelli). Ref: ” Its A New Day”

When 2018 came into affect, I knew I was going to try and make it my year with a difference however, I never thought I would be achieving some of the things I have and I guess it boils down to a hunger.  Like #Florence @flo_tweet  and the Machine songs chants “we all have a hunger” and boy was I starving; this latest project (or so a tidy up became) was yet another lesson-in-life.  

I recently tweeted out that my ‘messages’ come clearer these days and yes I harp on about waking from my slumber… and with good testimony to advocate why this has become my 2018 slogan.  I cannot reiterate to you enough how much you have to #digdeep to get through your LIFE’S STEPPING STONES – however I urge you to take one at a time.  As Susan Jeffers @SusanJeffers  once wrote, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”  as its a #oneshotglory and #lifeIsForLiving (#gmaffirmationstation).   

Of course the journey can be tough as we all know, however, in my existing purpose, I realise that I am a vessel to carry hope to those who need a prick of inspiration from time to time, so anytime you need a moment, just DM on #twitter @geriminelli / facebook / directmail.

Now its Bank Holiday, so go and enjoy and don’t let this wet day put you off, its a ground watering exercise to get Mother Earth ready for the partying we are all about to instill upon her in Barbeque season.







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A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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