Finally! I Hush My Mouth.

D Day (June 6th) was the date I finally saw the song come to fruition with the go-ahead with ” I think its good to go”.  Believe it or not, I must have gone and recorded those lyrics 100 times and if I told you the amount of entries registered on the program before this completion, you would fall off your chair.  Its been jested that an album or two could have been recorded in that time… worse thing, its true.  However, when I share with you how the work was lost and restarting from the craziest points were part of this journey, I know its all part of the learning curve.

NOTHING BEFORE ITS TIME… is the solace I return to to console myself for the journey that took place and how we are drawn back to revolution to sometimes reach our goals.

So no more entries about it being done, as now is the time to let the actions speak louder than words.  Truth is I’m out of text, so ‘go make it do its thing’ is all I have left to offer and thank you to those of you who stuck with me, even if just to say, YOU GO GERI 🙂


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