Finding An Outlet

Sometimes we find it hard to relate and let out some of the compression that sits inside our hearts.  Finding the right person to share some of the most sensative of subjects can often be hard when you have trust issues.  What we have to understand is that this obstacle often stems from formative encounters and experiences in life.

As human beings, we have to find ways to cope with the things that cause us to worry and stress and as we all know these emotions create chemicals that can cause great harm to our bodies.  The mind is a powerful source and can cause such illness to strike us at the most unexpected of times.

With modern day blogging, we are fortunate that this allows us to let-off-steam and in the most ironic of ways acts as a help-source to getting through our days without having to have one-to-one encounters.  Does blogging act as a source of therapy?  I believe so and good for those who are able to use this as an outlet to help them deal with those challenges in life that flip us upside down.

So people if you cannot afford a therapist or don’t have access to specialists, create an online blog and let it out!  Be aware of the information you are putting out mind, as once its out there, you can’t take it back, however you can delete it.  Use your rant to improve your writing skills and who knows, before you know it, you may even get to supporting publications as the result of simply sharing.

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