Technology Made Easy?

Well, we all know that every time a new program gets introduced it pushes some of us to the edge when we just can’t get our head around certain things.  Are you the ‘I don’t like reading manuals’ type?  If I did a search, I wonder if I could find statistics…  the truth is they were designed to make life easier – hmmm?

So here I am having spent most of the day (sitting) recouperating on the physical side from the marathon of a shoot from yesterday and the endless attempts days prior.  Worse when you are limited with time as you wear yourself out from the 101 attempts to try and get the best with the tools you have.   In my times of striving beyond belief (over the years and pulling hats-from-rabbits)  I have learned to become very practical at doing things, however when the body doesn’t move as fast as it used to, you soon become a prisoner in your own mass.

So anyway, the follow up from starting shooting at 5am in the morning, just to ensure I can get it all in by day end – because as we know after two or three days, you are exhausted; worse when the items you are hoping for, don’t seem to turn out right… but is that not how we get better Mum?   Is it heck – this is the time when you want to ‘dash-the-darn-thing’ out the flippin’ window.  😦 ARGGGHHHHHHHH).  #PeopleOfTheWorld, I know you hear me.

So believe it or not, its taken all this time for me to sort out an upgrade on the system so obviously any previous attempts to get better results for my projects have been futile.  Not much has changed as its gonna take a lifetime to get around the amazing widgets.   I know you can’t possibly imagine what archaic period I’ve been living in… my new is your old, “truss me”, nonetheless, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is this magnificence that you see forming before you even if in a lesser capacity and at a pace that many would not appreciate… hey get back in your own lane, this is my journey… IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE FEELING ME? :-))

So anyway, let us thank the world for the #internet and #YouTube, for text books stuff is becoming extinct…HOW WRONG – can you imaging what its doing to our literacy?

So manual – we thank you but I think I would take a You Tube video any day (tee hee).


taken from “Two Stupid Dogs”

#LifeIsForLiving – not reading a manual :-))  #TGIFridays @TGIFridays

Minelli loves cocktails
many moons ago Cocktails @ TGI’s

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