The Christmas Scorn

my name's not in it


My Beautiful artistic Blog Buddies…  What a week its been.. and here we are again another Monday night / Tuesday morning.

As I try and create my Xmas contributions to 2018, I have managed to do a mini photoshoot, record video and actually create a couple too… now this is on top of the trying to fit in all the appointments and pleasing others along the way.  The joy I take is all roads lead to the same bright star.

Now you and I know that as artists of any kind, its so easy to get locked away into isolation as we build our ‘time machines’ of glory to take us to a place of self-satisfaction and triumph for our efforts.  Nonetheless, we must look for light… DAYLIGHT external of our four walls and our ‘Docking Bays’ – venture out even if only for fresh air.  Venture out  for if you are anything like me it burns to have to leave my paradise of chaos and step out to what is often interpretated as an unsafe zone… now trust me this is not as crazy as it may appear – if you’re a feeler, you’re a realer.

Now we know what is due up in about 20 days and sure enough its coming whether we like it or not, so I invite you to simple enjoy the journey the best you can.  Of course we all face a challenge of some kind of reminder as to why we don’t want to be bothered, nonetheless the only person we are depriving is ourselves, right?

So my lovelies – keep that blogging going, if only if offer a first opening to let the air in.  As my blogging buddy, I want to introduce you to my friend “GericoUK” who invites you to Open Your Window… and let in the sunshine xx



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