When Work Wastes You Away

As some of you will know, I have spent over a decade (and the rest) playing ambassador for women in music and setting up wonderful ventures to inspire and encourage others to do the same.  My dedication to the cause has been a journey of no-spoken-words and although many may be able to relate, its only when you take that step to truly be active in the role that you get the pressure that comes with it.

As I took a moment to reflect at my unequivocal sacrifices on this mission, some of the other ladies that I met along the way come to mind and I recall them boxing their projects and putting them on the shelf.  I have certainly been lucky enough to see the crossover of generations of activists that are now flying their flag; good for you, kids!

When you have submitted all you own…  and get to a stage in life when you want for a wee change, even if only for a short while – do it.  I have kinda reach that point, where I won’t let it sit in the driving seat anymore.  I am fortunate enough to still have a bit of youth on my side and simply want to enjoy some of the energy that I put behind hosting WIM platforms to recharging.  Now remember that these creations never received major funding, so you can imagine the sacrifice.   Those powers that be have disappeared over the years.  I am proud to say I supported this cause, wholehearted and am sure that some of those who passed through our doors will have gone on to greater things.  A legacy imprint has been recorded, however with me please note mind, that the engine is always running, even if the vehicle is not yet in first gear.  😜

So ladies, as I mentioned in a tweet, don’t forget who you are or what becomes of your natural beauty as a female being.  Give it time-frame and take the breather when you need it, for it is truly a #OneShotGlory life, so don’t let your efforts become a bottomless pit – same for the #men who strive for success.

Love from those in the know!  “LifeIsForLiving



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