Dulcet Deliveries @ Christmas

So I have to say that that Gospel Concert for Christmas was really something!  The night was filled with endless performance and I even left before it was over.

Magic moments - 21.12.18 a great achievement and I actually left the buffet with food on – now that’s not normal – I could eat for the gold medal in the Olympics!

Well done to Manny and the Church/ Centre staff for all their effort  – Merry Christmas to all the talent and my two little helpers who Kieron should be so proud of… they shook the rice grains and played the bells. “My Wretched Heart” funked up.

I will record it and get it on social – I did try a live recording last week – unfortunately the camera angle was exposing more than just my vocal talent so had to scrap it :-))  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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