I miss the Ice Rink

Its January and as the ads come on to showcase “Dancing On Ice”, I have to say I truly miss being able to skate-the-blues-away (if you have not checked out Anne Miller dance in the “Easter Parade” starring my other mum Judy Garland, then you must).  THE WOMAN IS WHAT I CALL A “DANCING DIVA” (Goddess) If you knew how many times that video went back when I tried to learn the dance to “Shakin’ The Blues Away” many many moons ago, its must have been #BASF (re-record not fade away) …I digress.

So anyway, at an event that I attended last year, @JuneSarpong was sharing how story of how she was physically challenge in your younger years “disabled”and now she is at a more abled stage, well this is how I view my progression.  I know that we cannot put time scales on these things as everyone is different and when I thought ‘two weeks’ I believed it; here I am five years down the line.

So I never threw them away and although someone has their eye on them the sentimental value is too much to bare, I have to keep them and live in #HOPE.  When I created “Dream Song” the ice dance to @scottmatthewsuk back in 2006, I was so proud of my weeks of grabbing every free moment to grab my stability on ice.  If I had to do it again, it would be so much bigger and better, yeah? :-/

THE MESSAGE IN THIS BLOG:  Hang onto your dreams for they are what make you and break you (literally – if you fail to land properly on ice (tee hee)  :-0 ).


Ann Miller in the “Easter Parade”  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvhJUE_XNWs

When I find my Dream Song dance – I will post it 🙂


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