The Next Chapter

Anxiety kicked in as she pressed the button; a mixture of nervousness and delight passed through her veins as the palpitation held her in situ.

The very thought of finally making it to this point, where she was recognising the years of work that had helped carve her into this very creative being – who was she to share it with?

The focus had to be serious, reaching thus far and even after decades in this natural environment of human living, she sat and asked herself, “why has it taken so long?” Could it be maturity allowing her to reach this pivotal moment at a time in life, when decision making shroud women in a way that only those who venture to that summit will ever understand?

Now there was no turning back, not if she was truly serious about treating herself to “me time”. From this moment on Meadow would have to set her sights on her goal and focus to get there.

New writings from “The WIM Story” – The Next Chapter – join the journey as it plays out in both real-time whilst running parallel with history.



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