Moments of Pride

As I sit working to try and get the best out of my system that I can muster at this time, I look at the bigger picture and hold a moment of pride as I think about how easy it would be to throw in the towel and become a sofa-bear… problem is my mind would not allow me to shut down.

I look at the simplicity I am achieving and look back and think when was the time that I invested as much interest in myself as an artiste? I am quietly thinking I never thought I had it in me, however, my Creator knew… oh yes. Have you heard the saying , “there is a season” well, all I can do is continue to #thank those who inspired me to keep going, the good the bad and the ugly because there is nothing greater than doubt to drive you to a place of achievement.

I am looking forward to the moment I throw myself back into the vastness of #community work, however this time is about re-charging and building muscles (mentally and physically) for my problem isn’t creativity, my problem is being able to execute it all.

My #message to you today is take pride in your efforts for even if not achieving at the pace the world wants you to, at least you’re achieving. Amen.

#gmaffirmationstation #pride #believeandachieve

Published by Geri Minelli

A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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