Back to Life

So its been like I’ve been missing for the first two months of the year and in a way I was. After the bump on the head came the loss of access, so its taken till now to get back to the things I love. Of course for me its like pulling teeth and for others they just can’t get their heads around the frustration that comes, with artistic challenge. Guess for those who really suffer this is our price to pay for being in the biz.

I think of my blog for 2018 when the new year came in and I reflected on the ‘memo that never got to me’, I guess it was all part of the protection; however, I say if you want me to present you with the cake, you have to advise me too, so that I can go out and get the ingredients, if you know what I mean.

I am enjoying my current “Minelli Meets…” video posts… initially via twitter channel (mow collating on Y T) They are helping me to reset my buttons of motivation, and why not at the same time shout out for someone? Its a strange journey I am on guys and I appreciate that not everyone will get it, hell… not even I get it at times. I am still battling with the mindset of recovery and the changes are still restrictive. Recently I have been given a new lease as people ask to do stuff and I feel that maybe once again the universe is telling me something. I have to continue to #believe and #achieve. So I guess my word for #gmaffirmationstation for today is #dontgiveup and remember it may not be at the pace that others may appreciate however, eventually you should get there. Its your race, run it at your pace x

The Minelli Collective 2



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A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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