“Corrosion” Launch Day

It’s 7.30am, been at it a while, couldn’t really sleep – today’s quickie Chapter is about ‘Feeling Anxiety and Loving It Anyway‘.

So you may be aware that I have been on this song a while, when it wrote it, you detect the yeehah that comes across – quite dark, hence why I have to label Alt-country. Nonetheless I feel that the otherside of me is becoming more prevalent in my conquest to tick those boxes off my list.

I AM MORPHING – so as WE as humans try to please everyone, we soon discover that it doesn’t really work. Like many, living through this pandemic has been a real ball-breaker, so I find myself beginning to like the #lockdown too much, its not a good sign. Where does this stem from? Showbusiness can be a real tester on your soul and the FEAR that derives from it can be an absolute demon, and yes we are aware its for the supertough… look at the many lives that have been lost through this industry and the challenges it takes you to.

So for me with my little palace of dreams, I am about to share where I feel I have excelled myself – Corrosion soon became a level that I didn’t access, as it lay dormant whilst battling my way back to recovery. The Fear of anxiety comes from the being able to express myself in this way and saying look, I AM who I AM… as my inner fiend comes to the surface and reiterates… “Like It or Not, This is My Slot”. So as I share #Corrosion with you, I ask DO YOU HAVE THE VISION? WILL YOU SEE? The vision is bigger than just me.

This thing is still with us people so please stay with the program for as long as it takes. If ever you feel you may be slipping, revert back to this song and lets not forget… #Coronavirus #Covid-19 #Lockdown #Death NONE OF US ARE IMPERVIOUS.

There are times, my songs may not be all pretty and coated in candy, but heck… if my creator wanted me to sit in a box of plain chocolates, he would not have made me with the extraordinary attraction. #LoveYourself2 and go “Feel The Anxiety and Love It Anyway” by #geriminelli.

Corrosion by Geri Minelli


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A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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