Its wasn’t too long ago I was sharing with you how I kind of lost the will and was ‘just tired’ however, where it came from I couldn’t advise as I was so in the throw of new songs and sharing the extension of my mindset as is morphed with G-UK to bring you things like ‘Corrosion’.

So as we approach the end of June 2020 it gives me joy to say I have had an injection of inspiration from simply ‘talking’. As I inspired others, I found myself inspiring myself and drawing from the love of strangers, who really appreciated me in my moment of distress, without me even having to share it.

You call me Damsel… sounds like a song in the making. Can I simply thank you for sharing your magic with me. Its a unknown (bit like the virus) setting in and I am swimming* in love. If I can continue to hold onto that which my Creator has instilled into me to keep me from drowning, then its one job well done. Be careful what you wish for; then I say wish on wish on (LOL).

#Thankyou %

  • The Swimmer – taken from “Corrosion” the video (3.42-47)

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A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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