I NEED TO HEAR: Recording

So you know I don’t take myself too serious right and I doubt that will change – I love my sense of humour.

So some of you know I have been giving a second (or third of fourth as the case may be) chance at keeping my feet in the musical pool. I am loving working on my stuff and loving the development in the ability to create. When I look back at how I could only simply record songs onto a tape cassette to have record of the years of songwriting, wise move to, for now I find myself actually learning how to play some of those songs on my guitar… man, the journey to get to here, was never clear cut.

So I have just had to invest in my third pair of decent headphones. I am a little robust with them, that is for sure, for there is work to be done and I do have a timetable to adhere to, my lovely pink ones (in a new state) can be found on my #instagram page, however I have managed to break those too, so that the ear pads don’t actually sit on my ears, causing me to have to hold them in; life is hard enough as it is without me creating extra work for myself – LOL.

So just like every hard-grafting musician who works through the ranks, I am sacrificing a meal or two to ensure I take steps to help me execute my job that little bit easier, for everyone has a cost and there is a price to pay. Also to say I am loving the flow of songs coming out the #playpen right now. My Siamese mind and I look like we may well be doing more projects together, and the consolation is if you ever get to see us in performance, you won’t have to venture far. Huh?

#SiameseMind #instagram #recording #sacrifice #lovingmyjob

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