Talking Technical (Music)

Talking Technical (Music)

Its is very rare (if at all) that you will hear or read me talking about the technical aspects of my work, however, as I now have more time to work on my musical expression, now may be a great time to simply release some of the thoughts.

So the creation of the outdoor space is pretty much done for this season of 2020, which is freeing up more time to dive back into my song catalogue as well as share some of the great stuff seeping out of the Minelli Play Pen. So what am I sharing today, you may ask? I want to touch on the adaption of the (my) human body in relation to getting the sound I like.

I have sometimes been questioned on the choice of how my vocals come across with my art; so this where I have had to say, if its my song, I can express it how I like… and this is true if you are feeling brave enough to swim up river. I lurv salmon and as a pescatarian I think I finally let the adult version ‘swim’. You may wonder why I am marking the word swim? This is because not only do I use it in these later songs, ie “Corrosion” and ” You Love Me” as simply an expression of the journey embarked upon, but also to express that the treading of water will continue for as long as any artist works to share their expression of art.

Am I losing you yet? LOL… I have been known to host 2 or 3 conversation verbally at once… and more so with the same person – never quite conformed.

So in the developments of Minelli Music, I like the use of what I call the “Minelli Collective” my voice in harmonic melody… its has inspired others to adapt, re-create and yet comes from of place of none-professional birth.

When the collective gets to work, it will transcend you to a place where you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be “Maria Callas” just allow yourself to ‘go there’. Know what you want to hear on your record and create it. As I work with ‘the art of Geri Minelli ‘ I’ve always known that I was more that just a cover song for the locals on a Friday night and although I love musicals, I have stuff I want to release ( simply get out). So when I began realising my songs in 2018, although far from perfect. this would enable me to 1) get a grip on the process and 2) find a way to share my material with people who would appreciate the format in which it comes.

So although its September 2020 and I have been in it for a while, I am ever growing and ever sharing and probably won’t stop till the day I can’t see; will that be enough to stop The Vision? Well, what I am offering is for you to simply enjoy my expression with me… Now come on now, I’ve never been a soul-singer and probably won’t ever be… however if you fancy adding something a little left to your record collection, collect me and the Minelli Collective 🙂



#MinelliCollective – the magic in the voice (s) lol

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