Keeping Connected

Autumn will certainly prove a testing time for many and if like me, you may be hanging onto the joys (if you were fortunate enough to receive some) that summer may had brought your way, this could a saving factor when helping to support your mind set.

So what will I be thankful for… the ability to continue to craft my art through ‘tales of the unexpected’. Its been a challenging time for many and don’t think for one minute it hasn’t had a profound impact…its just that I want to remain with the #hope that the coming months will allow me to nurture further and give me the opportunity to restore and prepare what will be coming out the other side of the winter run.

Once again I have to give thanks for the relationships and alliances I have found via social media and although I try not to spread, myself too thin, its been a treat to be able to cyber travel with you.

These last number of months have allowed such searching and digging to reach parts of stellar foundation to enable me to be supportive for both my own frame of mind and others. It is not without having spent years saving-the-mind, in the terms of banking it up, to enable me to keep the house on the rock in accommodative condition.

So what am I sharing? don’t waste the next few weeks expending what you will need to get you through what lay ahead. Cold nights and dark periods can drive anyone to despair so bank those bright happy memories to help you in your hibernation. Keep bright happy visual things around you… laugh as much as you can and keep talking and spending that extra time with those you feel most comfortable with. PURELY A TIME OF SURVIVAL, so do just that and remember you are A CHILD OF #GOD and have much more located in your deep than you think.

#shineyourlight in the dark 🙂 #thankyou x

Published by Geri Minelli

A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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