Living With Loss:

Living with loss of any kind can impact some to a point of no return, and all of us will at some point in life experience a form of loss and the test will be how we bounce back from the pain.

So as we know #Lockdown and #Covid really has given us much to think about, so in this blog I wish to touch on the surface, however want to delve deeper into this at some point and invite you to join me.

Todays Episode: Loss of Freedom:

So by now we have all encountered our loss of standard form of #freedom and yes we could talk about the kind of freedom that is policed by politics however, lets just keep this on the upper level reference the current climate, for the time being.

Not sure if some of you have encountered total isolation with no contact with anyone for a short spell, I did and I appreciate that it can be soul destroying if you let it, do just that.

When this is over, will be be the kind of friend that has been there for the dark spell or will we simply run back to being the people we were before? Unless we are really stone cold then I believe most of us will certainly review life and come out different. For those of us stick in our ways and living with getting used to it, it will be a trying time, for this form of claustrophobic behaviour will hard to shift. The implications of this is bigger than some of us care to admit, however, it is so important that we try to fight through the fog.

I appreciate from first hand experience the perils of being locked in, involuntary and how it can set your mindset on a path of total destruction so for those of you feeling any form. I am reaching out to you to say hang on in there… Spring is coming 🙂


If you cannot always find a friend, remember there is assistance for the stranded and the isolated:

a) advise lines

b) reach out to me on twitter @geriminelli

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