Counting Down

So I had the pleasure of seeing some of my family members for the first time in a year and it felt good to be (outdoors) with them. It just felt good to connect. I have a bit of the #HowardHughes syndrome, so don’t be coming to hug me just yet… R U #Crazeeeee 🤣. Yes I struggle a little with OCD 1&2 (obsessive creative disorder) and I realise this truly is serious for artists like me and I’m recognising why I can’t sit still 😱.

Well it’s JUNE and summertime truly begins, right? Man have we waited for these days to arrive. Lockdown is being faded out and the world is waiting to reunite. So has your outlook change??? Of course, for after my own personal years of lockdown, and then a national/global one, I so wanna pack my rucksack and get out to see the 🌍. We know that’s gonna have to wait, however the local park would be a treat right now 🤣.

So in recent months Operation Focus has had me knuckling down. I knew the deadline would pass as the challenges gatecrashed the party; but I am certainly growing from them.

Am I allowed to share I’m still growing? 😁. Over the last 12 months plus I have avoided commercial radio and I allowed myself to drift in and out of my kitchen, whistling to lyric free music and simply absorbing my environment of creative space. I have watched the songs of #love pour out of me, my definition of execution and production has found its sound. Of course it was always a little different for a woman of colour nonetheless I have to say, yeah I have #arrived lol.

I from time to time will share that this journey has not been straight forward and not as obvious as some would think, it’s I Bly taken me till May 21 to hear my keyboard thru my system whilst recording a live play… long story… nonetheless I pray that I will be able to bring you songs from my collections of “Growing with God” and “Pedestrian Crossing” in the nearer rather than distant future; my no-budget albums 🤪. I am loving back to basic sounds though and simply losing myself in expressing who I am as an artist with nothing more then hunger. When I grow up Dad… 😆.

So as I end this blog, the first in a while… still trying to locate my cyber device… I have to share that not only is my song “Countdown” cool but I am simply counting down to the day when we are free to roam and I can (with God’sBlessings) appear anywhere to perform once I have completed my work to enable me to say #IMadeThat 😘

Shine with the sun peops. #geriminellicountdown


Published by Geri Minelli

A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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