Honey… I’m Home

Wow wee wow!!! It feels so good to be back up to the larger font (lol) I have missed y’all . My days… life for the last 8 months has been such a test on my resilience. Well its a good job #GOD made me amazingly strong.

So utilising my time the best I could under the circumstance, I have manage to really put some effort into my productions, although you wouldn’t believe the limitations. I was also glad to be able to express myself in my songwriting and even when tested by the monopoly, I hang onto the believe, that you do it your way however, there is only one Minelli way. LOL #songwriting

So although I gained, I lost something major along the way. I haven’t found the courage to talk about it yet and standing as a ‘proposed ambassador’ does not really bode well in our community of music, so I will simply keep ploughing-my-field and pray that the crop will bring me ‘fruit’.

WALK WITH ME – I have a channel called Growing with GOG and I know that if not for Him I would be stuck somewhere else right now. The funny thing is when I began OPERATION FOCUS this year, I knew it was a continuation on THE VISION which was set to come to fruition in 2020. Well the world put stop to lots of things and for that I guess I was grateful for it allowed me to play catch up to some degree.

So here at the tail-end of 2021. Am I much further? Well I am grateful for the flow of songs that have poured out and how I am able to bring them to life. I am also grateful for the older songs that you have not heard yet and for the tweaks on others… the show will go on so with that I hope to have something together before too long. Wondering what to release next is hard for there is still much work to be done on my collections “Pedestrian Crossing” One and “Growing with God”. I am keen to make something for myself which should have been done a long time ago. So with what little I have now I am back on my purpose point to share the gifts that GOD gave me. – LIKE IT OR NOT, THIS IS MY SLOT.



(PS – #TheSunGoesDown #geriminellimusic)

Published by Geri Minelli

A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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