2022 – What’s Instore 4 U?


Well it finally arrived peops, maybe a little quicker than some of us would appreciate, however… so how dya fair in 21? I take pleasure in the hope that with each new year we set ourselves benchmarks and targets, however these days can we really work with Life’s Calendar? Hmmmh!

On the musical side I can look back over 20 and 21 and say #flippin’eck and know with the truth that not all my targets were met as the goal posts in my personal match grew legs and kept moving about the friggin’ pitch; that’s the reality of living at the moment, no? So I say forget it, just gotta be-like-water and go with the flow cause although its MY RACE, its certainly GOD’s PACE. My hands are consistently in the THANKYOU emoji lol.

There is no point me sitting in Sorrowville as what will I achieve if swimming in it? I have just got to mount that horse and ride her into the sunset baby – along with the love in my heart lol.

Yeah 2022, what’s in store for you?

( well I am still in production with the masses of songs that I have given birth to. Although what may come to you this year will not be up the the grade of a #NileRodgers production or the master mix finish of ??? I can tell you what they will have is months and months of love, sweat, tears, joy and creative skill injected into it and if you’ve done it you know it takes more than one shot.

I did share that most of 22 saw me locked out of most cyber and the obstacles only GOD knows lol. The loss of my ability to use my voice out of health issues certainly left me felling lower than low however, I still found a way to utilise the time to edit and try and dig out some of the better vocal recordings I had acquired prior to the challenge; wouldn’t wish it on anyone really. I recall some of those who lost the one thing they were good at or those that were left defected from the affected, it hurts.

So come on 22, whatever you throw at me I am gonna try and hold it with both hands… either wringing its friggin’neck or shoveling it into my pocket lol. BE WARNED THOUGH, once you pop me, you can’t stop me (super grin).

Happy New Year 2022 – te llme what’s in store for you.

2022- Minelli Penned Songs:- I See You / Blessed / Secret Space / Heartframe / U R Loved / The Bottom Line

2022 – releases

Secret Space on YT https://youtu.be/u6r1taut7V4

Virginia – Official Video https://youtu.be/HMPrA5n5-cc

and they just keep coming.

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A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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