No More Excuses, Please!

What a week!!! Oh My Days!

Talk about the runaround… talk about pillow to post… talk about ping pong.#

I have to express I have never known anything like it. If I have endured this kind of sorts before, my brain has certainly decided it would not harbor and has decided it belongs in the selective memory box. Some things are certainly best left in that compartment for if we hung onto it we would most certainly go mad. Guess all first time encounters come with trial and error?

WAR – I want to share how this terrible outcome right here in February 2022- that’s right 2022 has left me low and heartbroken as I think of all the people in #Ukraine suffering this terrible terrible unnecessary action. I can’t express, so can you imagine how the residents and their loved ones watching from overseas may be feeling? ITS TRULY A SIN – let’s call it what it is and take it from me I am No ANGEL. 2 WORDS COULD STOP THIS … “CEASE FIRE”.

I was hoping that coming out of #lockdown would certainly give me happiness and hope for travelling, however, its just despair and as for any plans in Europe = ??? Dear GOD please just touch THEM with a fingertip of #humility. #AMEN,

Music – well I have been on it and in actual fact I need a respite. Of course distraction have gotten in the way and when technology goes wrong it messes up the #equilibrium. So one year on will Operation Focus be complete? Well the although there was hope last weekend, I have to share… I doubt it. Did I mention to you that I suffer with Obsessive Creation Disorder? The songs are like a flippin’ jack-in-the-box that won’t shut properly lol. As a vocal-actress I never thought it could get this bad – the roles that I am given… and not because I go out of my way to choose them, its because they are crying to get out. I had no idea as a child that it could get so complicated as an adult. However, when God Gifts You…

So where are you with your path-of-life and achieving your goals for ’22?

Of course there is much more going on and in time I would like to share, if GOD grants me the timetable. MAKE YOURS COUNT #friends.


The Minelli

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A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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