Hey guys (wave and hugs) I just wanted to say although I am not able to dive into the depths of my blogging I want to thank you to all of you who liked posts, or followed or anything remotely connected. I find it hard to endure much social media but can handle twitter, so if you follow, tell me you’re from here and I will be happy to send you a personal message. I would rather we connected by text from time to time. I am more personal like that. Although I struggle with society right now, ( #covid) I do enjoy being with people.

How are you doing? The weeks are flying by! April already; will you take an Easter break with loved ones?

Its truly been a testing time, and though its easier to ‘lay down and cry’ I am fighting back, with every ounce I can muster. I am taking much joy in getting the songs closer to where I need them to be with what little I have. Sure you will know I am wearing the stress of it right now, however, I take great comfort in knowing this is the path GOD wants me to take to get to my #endgame. Today when someone asked me what I did, I couldn’t even find myself simply owning that I am a #songwriter, wow!!! Where did my confidence go? There are days that I don’t recognise myself, but that’s not too often, for with GOOD and BAD, I have to own my s**** and yeah, I should, just like a certain #easternblock leader who can’t even admit that there is such #bullshit being carried out… My mouth is prayer that this ends soon. #Bigdoglittledog.

Hey look guys, I will keep you posted as to my progression. Yes the work on the #LaVoceMinelli but too scared where to place her. I can’t help my creativity and although I am trying to align it all, some people “can’t handle the truth” lol #AFewGoodMen #TomCruise #DemiMoore #JackNicholson.

Have a great rest of Tuesday and let me know how you are getting on xoxoxo


Published by Geri Minelli

A BUNDLE OF CREATIVITY #Blessed "I am walking with the giving of your love" #geriminellimusic

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