If Only! Minelli On Ice

I found this link to a very old piece covered many moons ago. http://www.bbc.co.uk/birmingham/content/articles/2006/09/14/ice_skating_feature.shtml It shares a story about my ambitions as an ice dancer – I recall text editing not quite ending up  in article the way I expressed it nonetheless – editorial rights? Anyway, I have been putting off sharing the poem ”Continue reading “If Only! Minelli On Ice”

The Journey Begins with Minelli

Thanks for joining me!  I decided (toward the end of last year) that if I was to continue to host a number of sites for a BIGGER PICTURE (on a budget) I would rather host the ones that include supporting others, so… I’ve gone BUDGET IBIS approach…  with no extra costs, after all this isContinue reading “The Journey Begins with Minelli”