“Corrosion” Launch Day

It’s 7.30am, been at it a while, couldn’t really sleep – today’s quickie Chapter is about ‘Feeling Anxiety and Loving It Anyway‘.

So you may be aware that I have been on this song a while, when it wrote it, you detect the yeehah that comes across – quite dark, hence why I have to label Alt-country. Nonetheless I feel that the otherside of me is becoming more prevalent in my conquest to tick those boxes off my list.

I AM MORPHING – so as WE as humans try to please everyone, we soon discover that it doesn’t really work. Like many, living through this pandemic has been a real ball-breaker, so I find myself beginning to like the #lockdown too much, its not a good sign. Where does this stem from? Showbusiness can be a real tester on your soul and the FEAR that derives from it can be an absolute demon, and yes we are aware its for the supertough… look at the many lives that have been lost through this industry and the challenges it takes you to.

So for me with my little palace of dreams, I am about to share where I feel I have excelled myself – Corrosion soon became a level that I didn’t access, as it lay dormant whilst battling my way back to recovery. The Fear of anxiety comes from the being able to express myself in this way and saying look, I AM who I AM… as my inner fiend comes to the surface and reiterates… “Like It or Not, This is My Slot”. So as I share #Corrosion with you, I ask DO YOU HAVE THE VISION? WILL YOU SEE? The vision is bigger than just me.

This thing is still with us people so please stay with the program for as long as it takes. If ever you feel you may be slipping, revert back to this song and lets not forget… #Coronavirus #Covid-19 #Lockdown #Death NONE OF US ARE IMPERVIOUS.

There are times, my songs may not be all pretty and coated in candy, but heck… if my creator wanted me to sit in a box of plain chocolates, he would not have made me with the extraordinary attraction. #LoveYourself2 and go “Feel The Anxiety and Love It Anyway” by #geriminelli.

Corrosion by Geri Minelli


When Dear Ones Go

So within the last few minutes I discovered that someone who I had the pleasure of performing at their birthday party (last year) has passed away; this weekend passing. Ironically on the day I posted out the cover for “Corrosion”. It truly is a sad time, and my heart still aches for #everyone around the world, so as I bring myself to sing-it-out I hope that someone out there (not listening) will hear and start to listen AND HEAR that this thing is still rampant.

Through this some have made new friends, we have rekindled some relationships, found a way to be kinder to ourselves and much more. I’ve learned how to eat better (and yes that means better amounts lol – if I had to eat for gold, I’d get 1st place) so what a great time it has been for #learning.

I’ll be saying my prayer for the passing and asking for global healing to continue. I hope to help some to continue to shine through these dark clouds and ask for strength for my own light not to diminish before this lighthouse has completed its task. SHINE YOUR LIGHT #WORLD for there is work to be done.

#covid-19 #shineyourlight #keepthefaith

May 1st 2020

Can’t believe we have arrived here already; crazy baby! What a blessing that some of us have actually made it thus far #grateful or what?

Yesterday I spent a few hours working on putting a lyrics video for “Corrosion” together and just looking at the lyrics break my heart but this one is truly for the ones who #still aren’t taking this #pandemic serious; trust me there are a few. Its even more annoying when some happen to be in amazing places of power across the world.


Well as mentioned previously, I am chomping my way through #lockdown – the shave thing happened week 1 – I guess a way of cleansing to concentrate on the important things rather than worrying about how good I have to look, so in a way I am thankful for being locked in LOL.

I’m preparing to put out “Corrosion” and it may not be to the liking of everyone, however, its simply truth. My heart breaks to see some still wandering carelessly thinking they are impervious – well #goodluck, “not a game I wanna play” taken from #Corrosion.

Feel free to connect direct with me on #twitter to share 121 chats xx.


On the Rampage

So here we are weeks into lock-down and if you’re like me, although being tested by it all, I would much rather they lock us down than have us risk this things re-lapping to excess. We can live for a few more weeks if it means saving lives and be sure, I know about isolation, having been trapped in my space after my injury; all a test on our resilience.

So yesterday I got writing my second song inspired by this nightmare, and don’t be mistaken, its dark, just like these times, however, if expression through song is going to save my soul to allow me to be strong for others, than so be it. Lets face the facts, this ain’t going no where and it ain’t pretty and my prayers continue to flow for the affected and the very very brave.

The first song from this time of #challenge is “Amazing Grace” which I am pleased to announce hit the channels for Easter, so I am pleased to share it with anyone who wants to listen, singalong or anything else.

Latest version forthcoming release: “Amazing Grace” written by Geri Minelli COMING SOON

Amazing Grace (2020)
written by Geri Minelli

Are You Scoffing?

Man, how does the world expect us to not growing wider a little ? LOL!!!

Are you finding it hard staying out of the cupboard? At times like these, I wish I had started a veg patch in the garden. Boy its not quite summer in temperature terms so the body still needs insulating; no amount of jumpers are doing the job when you’re sat still for a while.

So have you managed to create some amazing dishes as a result of a bit more time to actually look at what is truly in the fridge (teehee).

Please enjoy a couple of my latest concoctions…


spice up those pieces…

filled Yorkshires with exotic change