Corona-V Making History

Here we are in modern millennium and isn’t it just testimony when we are brought back to our knees by mother nature and symptoms of messing with it? Although I have been around for a while, this like many of you, is something we just cannot get our heads around; the drastic change of life and the #adjustment that it has carried with it. In a way we needed to “wake up from our slumber”* but did it have to be so #brutal? Guess the #Universe decided on YES!!!

Never ever did we think that it could ever come to this, as we pottered about our very insignificant lives of social platform ‘liking’ when for some, the most important thing was what can I do to impress and get a #LIKE hit. At a time when social media is at its best of creation for keeping us locked together in communication of #goodwill, let this #lesson teach us all something greater about our very existence.

WE ARE NOT GOING TO PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME… and if we can really dig deep to determine our #true worth, let that time be no more prevalent than now. Don’t worry I too have found out about #superficiality the hard way, and you have to learn to hang onto the YOU as the person you know you are born/created/designed to be or become – we are not born perfect as the current global situation has forced us to see, in the darkest of terms.

FRIENDS, so many of us (society) are reaching out more than ever, maybe because as the only source of major contact, we need to… WHAT WILL YOU DECIDE? What does the #internet mean to you right now? Remember if #cybervirus could occur, what makes you think as #humans we were immune???



  • taken from “Its A New Day (Come Out from Under) song Geri Minelli
Life is a Stage Show and God is watching”

Back to Life

So its been like I’ve been missing for the first two months of the year and in a way I was. After the bump on the head came the loss of access, so its taken till now to get back to the things I love. Of course for me its like pulling teeth and for others they just can’t get their heads around the frustration that comes, with artistic challenge. Guess for those who really suffer this is our price to pay for being in the biz.

I think of my blog for 2018 when the new year came in and I reflected on the ‘memo that never got to me’, I guess it was all part of the protection; however, I say if you want me to present you with the cake, you have to advise me too, so that I can go out and get the ingredients, if you know what I mean.

I am enjoying my current “Minelli Meets…” video posts… initially via twitter channel (mow collating on Y T) They are helping me to reset my buttons of motivation, and why not at the same time shout out for someone? Its a strange journey I am on guys and I appreciate that not everyone will get it, hell… not even I get it at times. I am still battling with the mindset of recovery and the changes are still restrictive. Recently I have been given a new lease as people ask to do stuff and I feel that maybe once again the universe is telling me something. I have to continue to #believe and #achieve. So I guess my word for #gmaffirmationstation for today is #dontgiveup and remember it may not be at the pace that others may appreciate however, eventually you should get there. Its your race, run it at your pace x

The Minelli Collective 2



Moments of Pride

As I sit working to try and get the best out of my system that I can muster at this time, I look at the bigger picture and hold a moment of pride as I think about how easy it would be to throw in the towel and become a sofa-bear… problem is my mind would not allow me to shut down.

I look at the simplicity I am achieving and look back and think when was the time that I invested as much interest in myself as an artiste? I am quietly thinking I never thought I had it in me, however, my Creator knew… oh yes. Have you heard the saying , “there is a season” well, all I can do is continue to #thank those who inspired me to keep going, the good the bad and the ugly because there is nothing greater than doubt to drive you to a place of achievement.

I am looking forward to the moment I throw myself back into the vastness of #community work, however this time is about re-charging and building muscles (mentally and physically) for my problem isn’t creativity, my problem is being able to execute it all.

My #message to you today is take pride in your efforts for even if not achieving at the pace the world wants you to, at least you’re achieving. Amen.

#gmaffirmationstation #pride #believeandachieve

Proud of “Virginia”

When I first started “Virginia” at the end of 2017, I knew it was soooo me… I have taken great pleasure in performing this song on various occasion and now I have brought it to a level where I can say, I made that , I am pleased. It was only last year that I began dabbling with the dance feel on my tracks and I am so glad for looping. Tell a lie, “CrystaLies” back in 2015, however I was nowhere near a timetabled musician that I am now. My default button blessed me and although I may not be of service to some, I am certainly of service to others.

Now “You’re A Rainbow” was the turning point for me and has really give me that long awaited oppo to get some of my songs up to a decent standard, pity it had to take illness to get me there, however, if not for, I would still be pounding the pavement doing covers. Still like my covers, however, can’t leave a cover as a legacy.

So as the show goes on,… I thank those of you sticking with me and encouraging me along the way, to DO MY THING! #grateful #love

Cheers to that!!!

Reference: “Virginia” copyright Geri Minelli – To Be RELEASED as single

Early versions on Soundcloud:

An audio version currently on You Tube