Moments of Pride

As I sit working to try and get the best out of my system that I can muster at this time, I look at the bigger picture and hold a moment of pride as I think about how easy it would be to throw in the towel and become a sofa-bear… problem is my mind would not allow me to shut down.

I look at the simplicity I am achieving and look back and think when was the time that I invested as much interest in myself as an artiste? I am quietly thinking I never thought I had it in me, however, my Creator knew… oh yes. Have you heard the saying , “there is a season” well, all I can do is continue to #thank those who inspired me to keep going, the good the bad and the ugly because there is nothing greater than doubt to drive you to a place of achievement.

I am looking forward to the moment I throw myself back into the vastness of #community work, however this time is about re-charging and building muscles (mentally and physically) for my problem isn’t creativity, my problem is being able to execute it all.

My #message to you today is take pride in your efforts for even if not achieving at the pace the world wants you to, at least you’re achieving. Amen.

#gmaffirmationstation #pride #believeandachieve

Proud of “Virginia”

When I first started “Virginia” at the end of 2017, I knew it was soooo me… I have taken great pleasure in performing this song on various occasion and now I have brought it to a level where I can say, I made that , I am pleased. It was only last year that I began dabbling with the dance feel on my tracks and I am so glad for looping. Tell a lie, “CrystaLies” back in 2015, however I was nowhere near a timetabled musician that I am now. My default button blessed me and although I may not be of service to some, I am certainly of service to others.

Now “You’re A Rainbow” was the turning point for me and has really give me that long awaited oppo to get some of my songs up to a decent standard, pity it had to take illness to get me there, however, if not for, I would still be pounding the pavement doing covers. Still like my covers, however, can’t leave a cover as a legacy.

So as the show goes on,… I thank those of you sticking with me and encouraging me along the way, to DO MY THING! #grateful #love

Cheers to that!!!

Reference: “Virginia” copyright Geri Minelli – To Be RELEASED as single

Early versions on Soundcloud:

An audio version currently on You Tube


How would you describe it?

Described as a unique voice with a great sound of independence in music production, the track which crosses over from the pretty picket fence and log porch to allow an edgy sound, sneaks into the music and takes you to a place fit for the experienced-of-life
“I’m at a point where I am more appreciative of my talents as a songwriter and I simply need to get it out. I am glad that my default button had to be pressed in order to allow me to keep growing as a creator rather than just spending my time duplicating songs sung by those who have passed before us, and covered by zillions along the way; 2019 was an amazing year of personal celebration for my songwriting lifespan, now I just want to share some of it with you”

Finding My Way – “The Sun Goes Down”

Its nearly the end of another month and the endevour to keep growing is stronger than ever.

After two years and some change I finally got a recording of “The Sun Goes Down” together and wow-wee-wow a video… I am keen 🙂

You can view the outcome

So as I attempt to get the video together for awareness, I am still trying to sort out “Keep Me Gawn” however, not going to make it for 31st, however, its still a track to be reckoned with, I am certainly becoming bolder in my development (tee hee).

So my #encouraging words for today are… go find your way to help you keep growing and keep going. #gmaffirmationstation #GoFindYourWay #KeepGrowingKeepGoing

The Fear of Missing Out

For those of us caught up in the world of creativity, its a journey of some magnitude to embark on an experience that will take you on a roller coaster. The hormonal race of the highs and the lows (and there will be many lows) is certainly not something for the lighthearted.

As I am graced with the opportunity of the ‘chances’ to try and rekindle some form of personal significance within the entertainment field, I must express I still feel like I can only stand at the candy store window and look in like a child with no pocket money, as I review how many oppos are passing me by as I review where I am in life on this day (13 Oct ’19)

I can only speak from experience and so you may wonder why I embark on stuff even during time of difficulty – its because as previously shared, I want to know what I’m talking about rather than simply reading it out of a text book.

All the things I ever thought would be good for me to attempt to take my life back, seems like so far away in reality, Why? I hear you ask, well simply as I have acquired two new friends, my chances are already cut to slimmer than slim. I know that there are bodies that represent people who may find themselves in similar positions, however, as usual I still feel like I am stuck in the middle of No Man’s Land – its hard to put into words and this is probably why I express dispositions in song; “child of no place” #TENNESSEE rather than talk about it. ( from the school of Die Hards).

So I guess I am sharing that I feel like I am missing out – who wouldn’t? I suppose creating your own special world to live in, seems easier to mold than fitting into one where you carry mental burden, but once again as the words of encouragement form… WE BELONG !!! (as in the words of #PatBenetar) we just need to know WHERE? Life is for living my friends, just got to know HOW you want to live it.

xx Words for Today, WE BELONG!!! #gmaffirmationstation