I NEED TO HEAR: Recording

So you know I don’t take myself too serious right and I doubt that will change – I love my sense of humour.

So some of you know I have been giving a second (or third of fourth as the case may be) chance at keeping my feet in the musical pool. I am loving working on my stuff and loving the development in the ability to create. When I look back at how I could only simply record songs onto a tape cassette to have record of the years of songwriting, wise move to, for now I find myself actually learning how to play some of those songs on my guitar… man, the journey to get to here, was never clear cut.

So I have just had to invest in my third pair of decent headphones. I am a little robust with them, that is for sure, for there is work to be done and I do have a timetable to adhere to, my lovely pink ones (in a new state) can be found on my #instagram page, however I have managed to break those too, so that the ear pads don’t actually sit on my ears, causing me to have to hold them in; life is hard enough as it is without me creating extra work for myself – LOL.

So just like every hard-grafting musician who works through the ranks, I am sacrificing a meal or two to ensure I take steps to help me execute my job that little bit easier, for everyone has a cost and there is a price to pay. Also to say I am loving the flow of songs coming out the #playpen right now. My Siamese mind and I look like we may well be doing more projects together, and the consolation is if you ever get to see us in performance, you won’t have to venture far. Huh?

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Geri’s Broken Babies

Musical Emotion

It pleases me to say three songs three weeks, what’s cooking in the kitchen, Minelli?

That inspiration I spoke about recently has been a blessing, however with life in general nothing comes for free. What you have to ask yourself is how much are you willing to pay? The emotional roller coaster is one to bear for the price of expression and I feel its all part of the lessons for me to simply get better and better; for it is growth that keeps us in the game of life and I am far from fully grown.

Every song creation bears weight on the things many artists can take for granted and for every note sung, there is an issue of what did it cost, and we are not talking on the monetary value. There is so much that I still need to share and do before the ability is no longer granted, so if you find that I am not where some would appreciate me sitting, note that the journey of test is far from over.

Smile with me for I am still very very grateful for the opportunity to still be creative.

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Time of Shredding

Time of Shredding

For many of us the #lockdown period has allowed us to endure a form of cleansing through an involuntary action of distancing. I am sure for many, we are truly grateful for the time that we have been granted to #takestock #reevaluate or in my instance, #projectdashout (now that’s one project taking a bit too long LOL).

Some will find readjusting life again will be quite a challenge and even if when you reach what you think will be a good place to start your new life, it could be a case like for many we are now seeing, you have to RE-adjust again as the reinforcement of locking down has had to take precedence as we face another insurgence.

Guarantee that in a #lifespan we are going to change and then change again and then change some more. We know we are going to have to tweek to fit into the ever changes for society, and what do we really think we can do about it? Like I say about falling in love, you either get hurt once and think I am never going to go there again and hide yourself away for ever, or… you bite the bullet, take the bull by the horns and go round again. Our lives are created to endure change and unfortunately ‘suffering’ too, although I would much rather be without the second.

So for the many who are out shouting about not wanting more #lockdown, just think of the bigger picture this is for your health, your own good. Twenty-twenty was meant to be my new year of getting out and socialising more to make up for these lost years, however, in all fairness, I know I am grateful that the world stopped and waited for me (or so it would seem). I #grateful that there is an outlet or two to express myself and… when I am feeling stronger I will try and continue to grow with you all via social platforms.

In the meantime, let me say a BIG #THANKYOU to all those that bring #joy into my life one way or the other. May you continue to endure your own journey along this path of unseen prediction and may we grow together in #strength to reach the other end of this dark tunnel; if you look hard enough you will see the little light shining at the end. Is that me? LOL/ #staystrong #stayfocused

GM xx



Its wasn’t too long ago I was sharing with you how I kind of lost the will and was ‘just tired’ however, where it came from I couldn’t advise as I was so in the throw of new songs and sharing the extension of my mindset as is morphed with G-UK to bring you things like ‘Corrosion’.

So as we approach the end of June 2020 it gives me joy to say I have had an injection of inspiration from simply ‘talking’. As I inspired others, I found myself inspiring myself and drawing from the love of strangers, who really appreciated me in my moment of distress, without me even having to share it.

You call me Damsel… sounds like a song in the making. Can I simply thank you for sharing your magic with me. Its a unknown (bit like the virus) setting in and I am swimming* in love. If I can continue to hold onto that which my Creator has instilled into me to keep me from drowning, then its one job well done. Be careful what you wish for; then I say wish on wish on (LOL).

#Thankyou %

  • The Swimmer – taken from “Corrosion” the video (3.42-47)