Happy Easter 🐣

So here we are a third into the year already and watching the world battle between good and evil. If your parents were sat in front of you and asked you, which side would you sit on, what would your answer be? Would you embarrass their efforts to bring you up the right way?

I am looking at and watching some real nasty-pasties at work and think to myself, how do you sleep at night? The sad part is, when wickedness lands on their door, they can’t handle it. Have you heard the sayings, ‘what goes around… Do unto others… Karma is a…’

REMEMBER that your *gift of *life was granted by the ALMIGHTY and if you use and abuse fellow Beings with hurt and selfish destroying ways, You will have to answer one day. The greed that possesses you to intrude upon others lives with #deception, is the pathway to your demise. Trust me, that when the day of reckoning arrives… there’ll be none of your supposed friends standing by your side to #fight your case with 👹 none with you 🤔.

Treat others how you wish to be treated.

If its not yours, it doesn’t belong to you. If God deems you worthy HE will let you know and give to you accordingly.

Be able to sleep at night. BE HONEST, BE KIND!

#dirty deceptacons



Geri Minelli Music

You and I have finally made it through the day

And I wanna thank you for being here with me

Cause I love you

And those nights I lay awake

waiting for dawn and when seeing you inside


There may have been she was mad at times and there

May have been out of her mind,

But I’m finding my way slowly thanks to you babe

 You can’t understand the way I was feeling

But I’m for you now and I’m hoping you’ll be here to stay here to stay beside me


If the sky should open if the over is broken but if I should leave you

Daddy will be waiting dear

Feel as if its all over hand me down the path I wonder

If you’ll handle life with your simplicity

And if you ever need to ask

Why things don’t ever last

I’ll try to do my best to ease your agony

(Its like a test) and you’ll never fail it

(You know the rest)  and I cant explain it explain it   face it


If the sky should open if the over is broken but if I should leave you

Daddy will be waiting dear

Chorus to fade out

(A Version)

Heaven (1991: Geri Minelli/ Minelli Music

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Dear Readers… I am about to write how I lost so much of my work from the last two years when a request was made to FORMAT – you can imagine the ‘holding of the tongue’ that went on. Hmmh!

So, well it does mean that some stuff I am starting from scratch, however, I am praying that some of those magic touches that went into creating is not lost on my frustration. when it happens twice in one year, its enough to make me want to cry. I don’t mind so much for the music I can recreate but its the images and the and the filming etc. See here it is… from having to co-produce my biggest release in 2018 with Its a New Day, I had to learn very quick I had to get my head and hands around what it is that I want to express – the imbedded is the #vision GOD GAVE ME and so its been a long and winding road to get to get thus far with all the conditions surrounding.

So basically I can’t afford to keep losing all my efforts and then get frustrated by it and feel that I have to force to adhere to what many won’t appreciate as they stick you in their pigeon hole. so basically I am saying I am just going to have to keep going.

Pray for the day that the live band join me to make it happen; my songs are “wicked” aka #cool. lol x