Swallow Your Pride

Knowing Your Strength

Its easy to think you can’t cope as you review the challenge of one episode after the next, taking place in your life.

Take a moment just to reflect – pick a moment in your life when you really thought you were not going to make it through and think back at how you made it through.

Take a moment to review your strategy to identify how you managed through each hour and found yourself ticking off the boxes until there were none.

Be your power of the mind for even with the best advisers, you have the final decision and only you can take the action to eradicate your problem.

Be mindful in your process as not to undertake too much to leave your overwhelmed and disappointed in the event, the plan hits a glitch.

BE THE PERSON YOU WERE CREATED TO BE… BE AMAZING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aez0th-3Xr4

Testing Soul

I won’t lie to you, cause you know I speak true

These few weeks have been a challenge, I have asked what to do

Been pushed and pulled in ways to endure

Then I ASK and realise, what I’m made for

We all have our challenge, we all have our crosses

But don’t sit there ‘wasted’ and counting your losses

For you still have a future, that’s why you’re alive

So get off your ‘low-ebb’ and go out and strive

#keeppushingon #gmaffirmationstation

“Here to encourage you along this journey of resilience” smiles

poem by geri minelli

The Hunt for Red Sonia

There comes a point in life when a wave passes over you and then you feel like you’ve found yourself. I would like to say I am in that zone… however, I still think I am in growing. I can imagine its because I was designed with an endless bank account of creativity and like most accounts, it will be low at times and then replenishes.

As I pulled back from some of the madness that overwhelmed my life toward the end of 2018, I noticed that as a woman (maturing) there was much I was not so prepared to endure. I guess its a good thing with clarity, and determining your resilience in life.

There is only so much that we are designed for and its okay to think that we can bear all (as in take on) however, as the saying famously suggests, “we are only #human”.

When you have been associated with a certain project for so long, you start to believe that if it is taken away there is nothing left; and this can be seen as true, however if we really tapped into our deep inner-self, we would be truly surprised as to what we could achieve. So I guess that what I am sharing as time runs away with itself, is that I am not done, just yet.

I appreciate that female musical projects will always been in my kitchen however, for having done ‘my part’ I am trying to simmer-down right now so that I don’t, as mentioned before, waste away. I do feel I am breathing a little easier, and realise that its okay for you to show you are NOT IRONMAN for even he had his own breakdown in the movie. So don’t get me wrong, I haven’t mentally broken down, I am simmering as I release the pressure cooker by creating and logging some of my works in the Universe.

#Ironman #Music #MentalAgility #PaceYourself #EnjoyWhatRemains

“Red Sonja” – starring Bridgitte Nielsen “Hunt for Red October” – Sean Connery / Alec Baldwin

The Next Chapter: “I am Iron Man”

Melody stood in the doorway, cigar in hand and thought out loudly ” What am I doing here?”. At a time when she should be thinking of slowing her life down to make up for the years of ‘painstaking’… she could only snatch back a magic moment of remembrance. Her issues at hand weighed heavily on her heart as she reminisce of the times gone by. In reality wasn’t so long ago when she was free to tap dance in the kitchen.

Although her mental youth kept her in light, she realised that she had grown old overnight; the injury that had plagued her life over the last few years just seemed to linger. “It’s not like you can talk about it forever…” she shared with herself as she drew upon the stick of gentlemanly aroma. However for her, its was a no-choice as her life was literally based around, this being the boss. Her default button had given her a new lease for life, however, even that was slowly fading as she struggled to cope with the most taken for granted. Her pragmatic view on life, aloud her to embrace a moment of hope – hope that had kept her alive for these last few years.

Melody had reached her point of mental entrapment; her struggle would be no walk-in-the-park. Deep down she knew that if she gave up on her ability to dream, she may well lose her way in the circle of life and so stood-fast in her determined resilience against her own being. That was no cupid on her shoulder as negativity fought its was through the puffed-circles that emerged from her lips; the heat grew closer to her face as the leaves disintegrate before her eyes. Life would be to easy to give up as she fought back the merging tear that came to join the party. “I know I needed to slow down but this is ridiculous”. The words came like venom, growing ever harsh from the built up frustration that had pent with her loss. Her emotion turning to anger as she pondered on how she was being let down by the very people who made her put her precious trust outside the front door. Her belief in them to give her justice was tarnished and tainted. “Talk about insult to injury”. Clearly she was not healing as fast as she was expected to and her pain had transcend its way into the lives of others. Reviewing her annoyance at her ability to not quite fix, and get on with it, Melody threw her head back and let out a sigh to give a hurricane the chills… and with a shreek to make a Banshee proud, her eyes dilated and her jaw locked as she threw the nub into the bush and turned on her heels slamming the door behind her; her sorrow was done for another day.

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