Swallow Your Pride

The Fear of Missing Out

For those of us caught up in the world of creativity, its a journey of some magnitude to embark on an experience that will take you on a roller coaster. The hormonal race of the highs and the lows (and there will be many lows) is certainly not something for the lighthearted.

As I am graced with the opportunity of the ‘chances’ to try and rekindle some form of personal significance within the entertainment field, I must express I still feel like I can only stand at the candy store window and look in like a child with no pocket money, as I review how many oppos are passing me by as I review where I am in life on this day (13 Oct ’19)

I can only speak from experience and so you may wonder why I embark on stuff even during time of difficulty – its because as previously shared, I want to know what I’m talking about rather than simply reading it out of a text book.

All the things I ever thought would be good for me to attempt to take my life back, seems like so far away in reality, Why? I hear you ask, well simply as I have acquired two new friends, my chances are already cut to slimmer than slim. I know that there are bodies that represent people who may find themselves in similar positions, however, as usual I still feel like I am stuck in the middle of No Man’s Land – its hard to put into words and this is probably why I express dispositions in song; “child of no place” #TENNESSEE rather than talk about it. ( from the school of Die Hards).

So I guess I am sharing that I feel like I am missing out – who wouldn’t? I suppose creating your own special world to live in, seems easier to mold than fitting into one where you carry mental burden, but once again as the words of encouragement form… WE BELONG !!! (as in the words of #PatBenetar) we just need to know WHERE? Life is for living my friends, just got to know HOW you want to live it.

xx Words for Today, WE BELONG!!! #gmaffirmationstation

Time To Get Your Sh** Together

So as I continue in conversation with someone who wants to help me after all this time I am so grateful. I have felt like an encaged bird (“When The Sun Goes Down” – yeah one of mine) talking of which I need to get the awareness video created for the visual aid recipients.

I am taking great joy from simply knowing that this may truly be my change to win a little with my own work. Can’t tell you why its taken so long, however, I can tell you the Universe has been spinning me in its washing machine; I feel a sense of fresh summer breeze on my skin #SummerBreeze #TheIselyBrothers @TheRealRonIsley

I don’t really know if anyone is listening or reading as I don’t really have #fanbase – what I do have is a love for the gift #GOD gave me and a passion to motivate and inspire those in need of something as simply as a #smile to get them through the day.

Of course we all have our crosses to bear and I #lovemylife (taken from “Keep Me Gawn”) truly and that is why “I’m Still Standing” watch the video.

GM WORD FOR TODAY… if you are the bird encaged, peck that latch or “open up your window” taken from “You’re A Rainbow” watch video


Getting back to Work

So my job is quite complex although it has a simple title. Being multi-talented involves much, especially in my camp, so when I had a long meet to establish ways of moving my life forward musically, I was thrilled at how we picked up on letting some of that responsibility fall on others.

Of course, it may prove tough for when you are used to holding the reins and actually being very hands on with production, its hard to relinquish; of course with my new found condition, I should be welcoming as many hands as possible.

Now, I have recently enjoyed a mass of internet free time as I went to building a stage and landscaping (which I love) and all the great things that enable me to create amazing things. Now often people expect you to live your life for them, however, once again I will reiterate, make decisions that will make you happy for YOU are the one who has to fight to get through each day.

I love being a co-ordinator and I love being an ARTISTE… remember I was the artiste first, so please don’t expect me to relinquish my ability to be highly creative because it helps you to keep me in a box, for my journey is complex and we all have our crosses to bear.

If you are for me, be true and not just a puppet of the trending moment… I AM HIGHLY CREATIVE… I AM WOMAN… and more than anything… I AM A CHILD OF GOD.


Making the most of Life

So another birth year passes and you reach a point in your life where you hit the crossroad, probably not for the first time either, nonetheless you have to decide which direction you wish to venture. Remember that in life you are entitled to change your mind or make adjustments and tweek as long as it allows you to find the betterment that you believe will get you to your finish line.

In your bid to reach the pinnacle of your career move, you can sometimes miss out on some of the joyful things that come with the journey. In you bid to please others you forget about yourself and what the pleasures are that come out of your experiences, giving your riches of the wisdom.

Often people tell me not to be so hard on myself and I totally understand what they are expressing; we are often not the best recipients of the same advise we offer out when it is reflected onto ourselves. As this very special 2019 passes quickly through my times line, I have reached a point that I realise I once again want to enjoy some of the things that I find pleasure in. These last two years have given me such joy with my songwriting and being able to speak out in #faith as I am “Growing with God” #twitter. We know not to everyone’s liking, and if you find yourself in a similar situation, ask yourself, where were these “everyone else” when you were going through your trauma?

Stay strong in your healing and your faith, no matter where it comes from. Even if you don’t fit the criteria of what the mass are looking for, be yourself, for as a fellow student once sang “its only you with your DNA”.

As my alter-mind shares, “Like it or not, this is my slot”


The DIY series

Well as you may be aware I’m not made of riches and have always enjoyed trying to create stuff with wood. Like Jesus I like carpentry and enjoy the challenge. Even in my days of being the glamorous customer service chic, I was always sawing and knocking something. Then #Ikea came along and the pre-pack was born; so now life is a little easier , or maybe not when I fail to read the manual.

So even though its all a physical challenge and sometimes super back-breaking, today I get to erect the bathroom vanity cupboard. Not sure how it will turn out and how much I will like it but looking forward to the changes that are helping me out of the depressive saga that has impacted and knocked me for six; the only problems is I have a deadline.

So where some of us live for #retail #therapy, I am gonna go with something that will help my visual surrounding… and make me want to invite people in again, and help me mentally to rebuild my life.

GM for Today – “YOU DO THE SCREWING AND KNOCKING IN LIFE … don’t let other do it TO YOU!!!” :-))

#GoCreateSomething #gmaffirmationstation xx

Still Hiding from the Truth

How can one expect to seek startdom if they hide from the world what they do?

This is a question I often ask of myself as I put another ounce of creativity into the universe. I love my work and although don’t have half as much time to craft it (which is what I should have spent most of my former years doing) I am truly enjoying what time I have to be able to deliver the ideas that rise within me.

I won’t shy away from the fact the love of the Heavenly Father has carried me through and the testimony of other everyday survivors what allow me to walk with the growth and grace that accompanies me through these testing times.

I realise that no all of us will be lucky enough to reach the pinnacle of entertainment, nonetheless I celebrate the fact I have enjoyed years of sharing what little talent I have been blessed with: WHAT AM I ON ABOUT!!! I HAVE MORE THAN A LITTE!!!

So today’s message is go snatch back what you have in your talent bank. Make the time you have on this plane work for you as you enjoy so that you can hopefully have no regrets. Of course I am looking back on my life and know there are areas where I should have given myself more of chance, nonetheless, I am still growing and loving life, even if under challenged conditions.


Knowing Your Strength

Its easy to think you can’t cope as you review the challenge of one episode after the next, taking place in your life.

Take a moment just to reflect – pick a moment in your life when you really thought you were not going to make it through and think back at how you made it through.

Take a moment to review your strategy to identify how you managed through each hour and found yourself ticking off the boxes until there were none.

Be your power of the mind for even with the best advisers, you have the final decision and only you can take the action to eradicate your problem.

Be mindful in your process as not to undertake too much to leave your overwhelmed and disappointed in the event, the plan hits a glitch.

BE THE PERSON YOU WERE CREATED TO BE… BE AMAZING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aez0th-3Xr4