Into Hiberation

As I come to terms that my poor guitar hand is undergoing serious challenge, I have to realise that this is all part of the journey.  When musicians. performers and many of those making their living from their craft, stumble upon physical defects, its the hardest thing in the world to come to terms with watching your passion fall to the wayside.  I have to say mind that 2018 has been an extraordinary year for me in finding my HOPE again and really digging to the pits to save my soul – what a blessing, despite what others may think.  I am still learning and moving forward, even if not at a pace what others may appreciate.

So winter is upon us, I’d say, sooooooo cold, yet still early November.  For many of us, its a time of year that we find ourselves falling into isolation, sometimes, not even to our own realisation; it creeps up on us just like that dreaded cold-weather creeping in and engolfs us into a place of darkness and not necessarily a visible one.  My friend #Pastor Stan used to always remind me of my hibernation period and that if he didnt hear from me, he understood why.

So as we look to find ways to occupy ourselves indoors, my coping mechanism will likely be finding some old clothes to sift through, more office tidy and sifting through the years of junk we harbor… clearing out or find a cupbooard door to paint or producing something amazing, by acident.  As you are aware my physical aspects aren’t as exciting as they used to be so there is no simply, running down the shop or up the road for a Friday night karaoke.  So my support for any of you reading this and looking for hope to get through the winter, start that planning now.  Don’t wait till its here and then go into panic or depressing behaviours of which can sometimes appear to have no exit.  I can’t wait till the day I can invest in a #Nutirbullet and spend time making fab soups and recipies, for after last November’s endeavours and weighloss, which lead to several trips to the dentist and such despair, I wouldnt wish it on anyone.  Now it was through this great dispair that I find the courage and will to write Happy New Year which went on to be “Its A New Day”.  Out of the darkness came the light of #hope and #desperation to survive what I can only describe as ‘my slumber’.  So people, you know inspiration surrounds us more so now than ever and we find the internet as our best friend.  Remember a boost is just a click away and sometimes our best advisors are people we don’t actually hang out with.

Happy Hibernation 2018 – #ChooseLife #MakeAPlan  #gmaffirmationstation #SHINEYOURLIGHT  #ItsANewDay #ComeOutFromUnde

Minelli The Beat Goes On
Peace is here!





Finding An Outlet

Sometimes we find it hard to relate and let out some of the compression that sits inside our hearts.  Finding the right person to share some of the most sensative of subjects can often be hard when you have trust issues.  What we have to understand is that this obstacle often stems from formative encounters and experiences in life.

As human beings, we have to find ways to cope with the things that cause us to worry and stress and as we all know these emotions create chemicals that can cause great harm to our bodies.  The mind is a powerful source and can cause such illness to strike us at the most unexpected of times.

With modern day blogging, we are fortunate that this allows us to let-off-steam and in the most ironic of ways acts as a help-source to getting through our days without having to have one-to-one encounters.  Does blogging act as a source of therapy?  I believe so and good for those who are able to use this as an outlet to help them deal with those challenges in life that flip us upside down.

So people if you cannot afford a therapist or don’t have access to specialists, create an online blog and let it out!  Be aware of the information you are putting out mind, as once its out there, you can’t take it back, however you can delete it.  Use your rant to improve your writing skills and who knows, before you know it, you may even get to supporting publications as the result of simply sharing.

Article #FindAnOutlet by Geri Minelli #UTNWomen #therapy #mindset #pressure


Back in Choir Mode

It was an absolute blessing to create Jam 4 Jesus and bring it to life four years after its concept started in my living room.

Although I doubted myself at first, it took courage to jump back on the horse and coach the choir for this event.  Working with limited time, I have to commend them and say a big well done to y’all and thank you to those who backed the my dearest to my heart songs “My Wretched Heart” #MinelliMusic2018 and a big thank you to those who helped out on the night; major Thank you Lord Jesus!!!



Leaving A Legacy

Being a woman of color I take great joy in looking up to those who have gone before me and left me with a sense of pride.  Those who have achieved great things that have inspired and changed radical views for betterment.

In a matter of days, we are here saying goodbye to a gospel great in Aretha and now our former UN Leader and a great man of hope, Kofi Annan.  All this comes in the same week that I attend the funeral of a day friend who as a man of God touched many in his endeavour; his legacy lives on (RIP Pastor Davies).

As I look back at a time when his (Mr Annan’s) word was the ‘best thing ever’ as I rejoiced in my UTN glory-of-hope program, the only thing missing was my face to face meet to say a major thank you for paving the way for generations to come.

So once again, as I review what good we bring to the world as individuals, I look at my own years of existance and remind myself we cannot please all the people all the time.  Nonetheless we can simply make a greater effort with some of the decisions that we make and remind ourselves that a consequence follows any ill-intent.

We can only offer those who follow advise and direction to assist (if they are willing to appreciate and heed).  For the ones who already know it all, let them walk their road.  For it is with experience and consequence that we learn on our journey.

As my most savoured saying comes #LifeIsForLiving… I continue to tweek my mission in life to suit a mindset of encouragement and hope, for it is these things that have brought me to here and have allowed me to co-exist with other likeminded individuals of good will.  Walk with GRACE and know that we are only human in our endeavour, however make that conscious decision to know that the day can never be repeated (unlike in Groundhog Day)…  this is your #OneShotGlory and this is the making of your LEGACY.

References: @BillMurray @KofiAnnan @TBNUKtv



The Passing

Today I learned I lost a old friend

One I’d not seen for many years

I know that to the bitter end

He’d have been in faith and with no tears


I recall him taking my photographs early

To help me develop my career

He captured my image for the 1st single

He let the Cowgirl up and steer


So Mr D as you enter Heaven

A man of God and praise delight

You will be in my joyous think space

As I thank God and lay down tonight


You’ve left your legacy with wife and children

You’ve played your part on this great earth

So forward in your journey with favour

GOD BLESS YOU as you’ve earned your worth.


For S Davies Gospel Radio / Photographer: Birmingham UK