My life! My life! My life! My life!

Why does it feel I have trouble and strife?

Last week it was ‘electric’ challenge,

This week it was ‘gas’ to keep the balance


So lately I’ve been putting on pounds

and dropping it off when I hit the ‘downs’

But ‘downs’ for me are not wrist-cutting –

Its the type that comes when I warn-du someting


Now you know social media sends meltdowns

I’d rather have on heels and hit the town’s

Bars and dance and wear nice jewellery

And gwan like eedyat (idiot) with mi Tom Foolery


But now, THAT time appears to be over

And quiet time come like Range Rover

See just like everyone else out there

I’m encountering change… I’m HUMAN! I SWEAR!


So I don’t do Theatres and stuff no more

Show-business Life change – you know the score

And after the madness of this last week

Releasing THE TRACK has got me beat


Unsure of the ones who are being sincere

Especially when they call you “Dear”

I have to trust the Universe to serve me RIGHT

As I lay my head down on my pillow at night


So BIG SATURDAY – I beg your pardon

As I find my solace in my wee garden

I do miss being part of the scene

And often enough, I just want to scream


But what and what good would it bring me to crumble?

I’ve fought for my place, over hurdles I’ve stumbled

As my song says the battle goes on

But the war…yes… well I think its done


For idle I was not made to be

To blossom like a flower and grow like a tree

Full of life, with mystery

For I was blessed


GM Cover A4







Finally! I Hush My Mouth.

D Day (June 6th) was the date I finally saw the song come to fruition with the go-ahead with ” I think its good to go”.  Believe it or not, I must have gone and recorded those lyrics 100 times and if I told you the amount of entries registered on the program before this completion, you would fall off your chair.  Its been jested that an album or two could have been recorded in that time… worse thing, its true.  However, when I share with you how the work was lost and restarting from the craziest points were part of this journey, I know its all part of the learning curve.

NOTHING BEFORE ITS TIME… is the solace I return to to console myself for the journey that took place and how we are drawn back to revolution to sometimes reach our goals.

So no more entries about it being done, as now is the time to let the actions speak louder than words.  Truth is I’m out of text, so ‘go make it do its thing’ is all I have left to offer and thank you to those of you who stuck with me, even if just to say, YOU GO GERI 🙂


Join me on July 1st as part of the Uniting The Nations Support Surgery register here

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When Determination Kicks In

… I can’t quite tell you where it came from and how I was able to transform my garden shed into a picture perfect for any home gardening advert – now this is in the sense that it looked like a ‘bom-peck’ about 10 days ago, as the result of me not being able to do much physically in recent years.

The recent blessing of amazing British weather certainly helped the bones to be rejuventated and this enabled me to soak up the rays as it beamed down on me, enabling me to quote that famous line, from my lady’s movie ” The Wizard of OZ”   “I’M MELTING” …with considerable pain of course I manouvered on forks, rolled stones on old skateboards and troweled my way through the tough soil (only God knows).  

So where does the determination come from?  For people who suffer with any kind of mental anxiety, or SAD-ness (seasonal affective disorder) I can surely sympathise, as for many it may only take a moment of sunshine, a smile, a morning greeting to help to make a difference to someone’s day.  (Hmmh! It sounds just like a line from a song…Minelli). Ref: ” Its A New Day”

When 2018 came into affect, I knew I was going to try and make it my year with a difference however, I never thought I would be achieving some of the things I have and I guess it boils down to a hunger.  Like #Florence @flo_tweet  and the Machine songs chants “we all have a hunger” and boy was I starving; this latest project (or so a tidy up became) was yet another lesson-in-life.  

I recently tweeted out that my ‘messages’ come clearer these days and yes I harp on about waking from my slumber… and with good testimony to advocate why this has become my 2018 slogan.  I cannot reiterate to you enough how much you have to #digdeep to get through your LIFE’S STEPPING STONES – however I urge you to take one at a time.  As Susan Jeffers @SusanJeffers  once wrote, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”  as its a #oneshotglory and #lifeIsForLiving (#gmaffirmationstation).   

Of course the journey can be tough as we all know, however, in my existing purpose, I realise that I am a vessel to carry hope to those who need a prick of inspiration from time to time, so anytime you need a moment, just DM on #twitter @geriminelli / facebook / directmail.

Now its Bank Holiday, so go and enjoy and don’t let this wet day put you off, its a ground watering exercise to get Mother Earth ready for the partying we are all about to instill upon her in Barbeque season.







I Play Dance Tracks

… I couldn’t wait to get to play the Women in Music Club Nite last night and share my renditions of “Silence” and “I Remember” by Deadmau5 – it felt so comfortable for I simply just want to share what brings me joy – when I’m not sharing my own compositions.

I am in a whole new realm of which I get to control the music and how its delivered and although I am still brushin-off my collar its a great feeling to be achieving.

If you had told me back in November 2017 that I would be playing live in this way, I would have said – STOP IT!  So what was the inspiration?  Well when I thought no one would come forward to play the Club Nite for the Blind event, I had to dig into a place I thought I would never go again.  Having tried it once as a solo act, I failed miserably to keep my nerves together.  The footage you see from 2010 took some effort and as I was not appearing regular, I had no need to keep up the practise and that’s when humping-a-PA became my friend… and boy did that relationship take its toll.

So what an absolute pleasure it is to simply throw the guitar on my back and trot off to share my naked-performances with others.  Like #Justine T once sang, “I’m Lovin’ It” – the only problem is, it makes me want to eat a #MaccieD’s and we have seen where that got me!  Eight years down the line, I am still enjoying being meat free.

So for anyone out there who has a dream to bring to fruition, go make it happen.  Go live your  #ONE-SHOT-GLORY… because I am!  It may have taken me seven and a half years to pick up the guitar and find the courage nonetheless I believe we all have a default-button deep in all of us.

“Shine your light so bright ” (excerpt from “Its A New Day” – forthcoming single)



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