Its A New Day… Let the games begin!

I forget I have this wonderful page to be able to blog from and I guess that with all the other blogging sources such as #LINKED-IN #FACEBOOK and every other platform created to man, its easy to down tools and “step-away-from-the-vehicle” as it all get too much.

So what I should really have done last week when I thought I had it all ready to rumble is blog my emotions from here.  Just being able to express the REAL-time developments is something when you can’t speak to anyone. I have had such a journey with this project and its still only three and a half months into it.

So before I can get its approval for my platform, I am still finding things I want to tweek, however as I mentioned to someone… sometimes you can tweek to death and still not be happy, so I think its time for me to STEP AWAY FROM THE RECORDING & production and let the song do its job.

Friends of the Minelli Madness, this is such a wonderful experience and even as I expressed the comings to staff on a medical profession, I found myself welling up as I am still overwhelmed by this beauty and challenge that I am about to undertake.

I invite you to join me on this wonderful trip as I really don’t want to have to go-it-alone and they say its always better-out-than-in.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!Its A New Day - Lets Be Thankful


The Artiste in Me –

In my vision for 2018, I wanted to share my work with the world and then use it to try and assist some of the worthy causes in my life, where I may be able to make a difference to others.

So this is my link to my Page on CD Baby where I hope you will buy any of the singles available and help me to bring focus to some of the illnesses that people live with – if we can find a cure or ways for others lives to become easier to manage, would we not want to try and make a change for the generations to follow?



If Only! Minelli On Ice

I found this link to a very old piece covered many moons ago.

It shares a story about my ambitions as an ice dancer – I recall text editing not quite ending up  in article the way I expressed it nonetheless – editorial rights?

Anyway, I have been putting off sharing the poem ” The Missing” with you for soooooo long, however seeing this really has brought it to the fore.

I doubt I will ever throw away my skates and yet I may never wear them again, either.

Minelli on ice.jpg

Image : BBC Birmingham website – 2006


February Already!

OH MY LIFE!  Can you believe that we are already in February.  I thought I could breathe a little till I realised that next month Women in Music Club Nite is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Int. Women in Music Day with a event being hosted at a school.  Wow!

Club Nite in November caught the talent of  “South Sisters” a core choral group whom shared renditions of song in an evening raising awareness for the blind.

Now here we are again and about to host THE event with the joy of these young ladies and more.

As this is steered by Women in Music Shop, we would certainly appreciate anyone who fancies investing in a WIM PIN to help us to get the message across and share maroon ribbons and pins with the next generation of musical gals.