February Already!

OH MY LIFE!  Can you believe that we are already in February.  I thought I could breathe a little till I realised that next month Women in Music Club Nite is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Int. Women in Music Day with a event being hosted at a school.  Wow!

Club Nite in November caught the talent of  “South Sisters” a core choral group whom shared renditions of song in an evening raising awareness for the blind.

Now here we are again and about to host THE event with the joy of these young ladies and more.

As this is steered by Women in Music Shop, we would certainly appreciate anyone who fancies investing in a WIM PIN to help us to get the message across and share maroon ribbons and pins with the next generation of musical gals.





The Journey Begins with Minelli

Thanks for joining me!  I decided (toward the end of last year) that if I was to continue to host a number of sites for a BIGGER PICTURE (on a budget) I would rather host the ones that include supporting others, so… I’ve gone BUDGET IBIS approach…  with no extra costs, after all this is simply my way of saving money!!!

Breaking a mold – a girl on a mission!