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Hey guys (wave and hugs) I just wanted to say although I am not able to dive into the depths of my blogging I want to thank you to all of you who liked posts, or followed or anything remotely connected. I find it hard to endure much social media but can handle twitter, so if you follow, tell me you’re from here and I will be happy to send you a personal message. I would rather we connected by text from time to time. I am more personal like that. Although I struggle with society right now, ( #covid) I do enjoy being with people.

How are you doing? The weeks are flying by! April already; will you take an Easter break with loved ones?

Its truly been a testing time, and though its easier to ‘lay down and cry’ I am fighting back, with every ounce I can muster. I am taking much joy in getting the songs closer to where I need them to be with what little I have. Sure you will know I am wearing the stress of it right now, however, I take great comfort in knowing this is the path GOD wants me to take to get to my #endgame. Today when someone asked me what I did, I couldn’t even find myself simply owning that I am a #songwriter, wow!!! Where did my confidence go? There are days that I don’t recognise myself, but that’s not too often, for with GOOD and BAD, I have to own my s**** and yeah, I should, just like a certain #easternblock leader who can’t even admit that there is such #bullshit being carried out… My mouth is prayer that this ends soon. #Bigdoglittledog.

Hey look guys, I will keep you posted as to my progression. Yes the work on the #LaVoceMinelli but too scared where to place her. I can’t help my creativity and although I am trying to align it all, some people “can’t handle the truth” lol #AFewGoodMen #TomCruise #DemiMoore #JackNicholson.

Have a great rest of Tuesday and let me know how you are getting on xoxoxo


No More Excuses, Please!

What a week!!! Oh My Days!

Talk about the runaround… talk about pillow to post… talk about ping pong.#

I have to express I have never known anything like it. If I have endured this kind of sorts before, my brain has certainly decided it would not harbor and has decided it belongs in the selective memory box. Some things are certainly best left in that compartment for if we hung onto it we would most certainly go mad. Guess all first time encounters come with trial and error?

WAR – I want to share how this terrible outcome right here in February 2022- that’s right 2022 has left me low and heartbroken as I think of all the people in #Ukraine suffering this terrible terrible unnecessary action. I can’t express, so can you imagine how the residents and their loved ones watching from overseas may be feeling? ITS TRULY A SIN – let’s call it what it is and take it from me I am No ANGEL. 2 WORDS COULD STOP THIS … “CEASE FIRE”.

I was hoping that coming out of #lockdown would certainly give me happiness and hope for travelling, however, its just despair and as for any plans in Europe = ??? Dear GOD please just touch THEM with a fingertip of #humility. #AMEN,

Music – well I have been on it and in actual fact I need a respite. Of course distraction have gotten in the way and when technology goes wrong it messes up the #equilibrium. So one year on will Operation Focus be complete? Well the although there was hope last weekend, I have to share… I doubt it. Did I mention to you that I suffer with Obsessive Creation Disorder? The songs are like a flippin’ jack-in-the-box that won’t shut properly lol. As a vocal-actress I never thought it could get this bad – the roles that I am given… and not because I go out of my way to choose them, its because they are crying to get out. I had no idea as a child that it could get so complicated as an adult. However, when God Gifts You…

So where are you with your path-of-life and achieving your goals for ’22?

Of course there is much more going on and in time I would like to share, if GOD grants me the timetable. MAKE YOURS COUNT #friends.


The Minelli

#vocalactress #geriminelli


The Magic behind the Voice

As a ‘former’ performer I look back and review the many opportunities missed over the years. Did you ever write out your plans for yourself by the time you reach a certain stage in life? I sealed mine in an envelope, lol, it never panned out that way. I say former, for I really think the best is yet to come.

So How is your 2022 going? I thought I would have stopped ‘growing’ by now, however, I really do suffer with OCD2 (creative). Every time I think I am going to be able to take-it-easy, I fail miserable. It really would be laughable if wasn’t so serious. So I think I am gonna need a bigger chalk board for my scribbles.

I has a lovely chat with a fellow female muso yesterday and for me that truly was like a day-out out lol. Lockdown scenario has certainly beat me up a little as it will have some of you, (feel free to contact me and tell me) so it will be a brace move on my part to get back out into the world. Surely enough the www helped the survivors to tell the tale, and we now know things will never return to the simplicity we took for granted, right?

So what is in store for The Minelli? OMDs (Oh My Days) can I just bring it when it arrives rather than pre-view? I think one of my biggest fears in life is not achieving all my goal; do you ever have that feeling? So what do you want to do about it? More so what am I gonna do about it? I appreciate that the Minelli Train takes some less scenic routes at time, however don’t stop looking out the window, you never know what you may miss. :-))

Did I tell you that in my teenage years, I passed my audition and was given lead in The Threepenny Opera? I miss singing ‘musical’ stuff.