Don’t Give Up On Yourself

T’was six years ago when I encountered the injury that would change my life forever and here I stand still learning to deal with it.

Life often throws us curve balls and we work hard to bend to avoid impact (gm quote) however, sometimes, we are just not subtle enough. We can work to heal ourselves by simply encouraging others and hoping that they will find solace in any understanding of having been in relation… this can have great affect if application is right.

So for all those of you who are still learning to cope with your life changing injuries and may still be having difficulty in finding support through comprehension, I send you hugs of motivation to try and get you back on some target that may help you to recognise how wonderful you are as a person created to add something to the world.

Built with purpose you are worthy of awarding yourself any love that you feel you may not be receiving externally, for that is also a key to your recovery. Created by The Most High #TheMostHigh you have a mission in life, even if you have not quite sussed the end game; so DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF – use your life skill to reconnect with yourself and find a way to put something into practise. Now remember you haven’t go to eat that cake at once, so work to take smaller bites – start with something small, for a job well done is better than no job done at all.

Hugs of motivation to you,

Geri x




I NEED TO HEAR: Recording

So you know I don’t take myself too serious right and I doubt that will change – I love my sense of humour.

So some of you know I have been giving a second (or third of fourth as the case may be) chance at keeping my feet in the musical pool. I am loving working on my stuff and loving the development in the ability to create. When I look back at how I could only simply record songs onto a tape cassette to have record of the years of songwriting, wise move to, for now I find myself actually learning how to play some of those songs on my guitar… man, the journey to get to here, was never clear cut.

So I have just had to invest in my third pair of decent headphones. I am a little robust with them, that is for sure, for there is work to be done and I do have a timetable to adhere to, my lovely pink ones (in a new state) can be found on my #instagram page, however I have managed to break those too, so that the ear pads don’t actually sit on my ears, causing me to have to hold them in; life is hard enough as it is without me creating extra work for myself – LOL.

So just like every hard-grafting musician who works through the ranks, I am sacrificing a meal or two to ensure I take steps to help me execute my job that little bit easier, for everyone has a cost and there is a price to pay. Also to say I am loving the flow of songs coming out the #playpen right now. My Siamese mind and I look like we may well be doing more projects together, and the consolation is if you ever get to see us in performance, you won’t have to venture far. Huh?

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Geri’s Broken Babies

Musical Emotion

It pleases me to say three songs three weeks, what’s cooking in the kitchen, Minelli?

That inspiration I spoke about recently has been a blessing, however with life in general nothing comes for free. What you have to ask yourself is how much are you willing to pay? The emotional roller coaster is one to bear for the price of expression and I feel its all part of the lessons for me to simply get better and better; for it is growth that keeps us in the game of life and I am far from fully grown.

Every song creation bears weight on the things many artists can take for granted and for every note sung, there is an issue of what did it cost, and we are not talking on the monetary value. There is so much that I still need to share and do before the ability is no longer granted, so if you find that I am not where some would appreciate me sitting, note that the journey of test is far from over.

Smile with me for I am still very very grateful for the opportunity to still be creative.

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