Living With Loss:

Living with loss of any kind can impact some to a point of no return, and all of us will at some point in life experience a form of loss and the test will be how we bounce back from the pain.

So as we know #Lockdown and #Covid really has given us much to think about, so in this blog I wish to touch on the surface, however want to delve deeper into this at some point and invite you to join me.

Todays Episode: Loss of Freedom:

So by now we have all encountered our loss of standard form of #freedom and yes we could talk about the kind of freedom that is policed by politics however, lets just keep this on the upper level reference the current climate, for the time being.

Not sure if some of you have encountered total isolation with no contact with anyone for a short spell, I did and I appreciate that it can be soul destroying if you let it, do just that.

When this is over, will be be the kind of friend that has been there for the dark spell or will we simply run back to being the people we were before? Unless we are really stone cold then I believe most of us will certainly review life and come out different. For those of us stick in our ways and living with getting used to it, it will be a trying time, for this form of claustrophobic behaviour will hard to shift. The implications of this is bigger than some of us care to admit, however, it is so important that we try to fight through the fog.

I appreciate from first hand experience the perils of being locked in, involuntary and how it can set your mindset on a path of total destruction so for those of you feeling any form. I am reaching out to you to say hang on in there… Spring is coming 🙂


If you cannot always find a friend, remember there is assistance for the stranded and the isolated:

a) advise lines

b) reach out to me on twitter @geriminelli


Well only when you have been locked in insolation and out of the internet, can you really know what living in lockdown sincerely is (lol)


Wow, well not sure how you ended your 2020, however I have to say that it was aa testing, trying time of anguish. Guess to end a fitting year it pushed just that little bit more and left me with feelings of jubilation for relief yet at the same time, annoyance and frustration and insecurity.

So then 2021 came along, like many locked in, it was a time for just general appreciation as I could only reach out to the world in a very limited capacity and if you think that life could not throw more at you, park-your-boots my friend.

I cannot believe sometimes the gift of resilience that GOD has instilled into me, the tribulations that will send you to another level on the ladder and yet, its not fun that drives you; talk about Snakes and Ladders…

So what did you put on your calendar to achieve in 2021? Like many at this point I have little marked in. I do want to tidy up the mess I have created with my very being. It has not been all intentional as stress kicked in and took it’s toll… yet if you know my will, you will know my power, even if it takes a while to get there.

Walk with me gang… reach out if you need to and don’t sit in silence and let the world pass you by. I do feel like I have missed so many months in 2020 and as The Sun continues to Go Down I feel a sense of panic kicking in.

I pray to be graced with the gifts we generally take for granted, to be placed upon me and help me make it through these testing times. I hope to remember the wonderful me and as #TDJakes aired in his sermon this morning, and ‘count it all up’ so I can stop beating myself up.

I just pray that Sun slows its setting for I have things I want to achieve.

Sending love to all of us in need, we are strong, so lets us all shine together


FOR THE #NHS (70th Bday)

Under Lockdown 2

Yeah, guess you’re under lockdown too huh? Its going to be a long winter , however, just think of how much we have to look forward to once 2021 arrives. Its crazy to have seen how 2020 just slipped away; gave great opportunity for some and yet brought pain for others. We are challenged in our times, nonetheless we have grace to hold us together and help us wade through.

The last month has been a challenge of sort and testing to being unable to reach out in ways of preference, nonetheless I am very grateful to be here with you and trying to tap into yet another level of resilience that The Good Lord Provideth -ooh sounds like a book

Hmmh ” The Good Lord Provideth’ by #geriminelli (think face lol rights 2020).

So walk with me people, if you need to connect, I am here just find me, somehow and as I calculate my purpose moving forward I will certainly try and walk with you; for we ALL need somebody and if not for much, life experience gives me riches; Amen. “I’m Still Standing” oooh sounds like a song – done that already

Thank you for my friend who tells me, ‘don’t get weak’ I think I hear you #strength #purpose #vision #love – I receive ur love Amen.

twitter @geriminelli


Its been, its been, its been a while – so simply breathe, so simply smile . Of course I have missed this great connection, however, what good would you see me without #perfecdtion?

Exactly that! For none of us are – life isn’t simply like driving a car

So let me share, I appreciate all, that comes with the gift, that comes with the call.

Don’t feel you message fall on a deaf ears- For I am listening so never fear

You may have to shout louder, to get yourself heard – So think of me pondering and not as a nerd LOL; (of #science I wouldn’t mind being though). LOL.

Your thoughts penetrate me and I do pleased

For when I pray for #glory, we shall surely achieve. Amen!!

#STAYSTRONG ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Amongst the madness that we are swimming through in 2020, I just have to express my #gratitude and the #gratefulness for the ‘love’ I have received.

If you get an opportunity to share and express to release the pressure cooker… do!

In the midst of watching the unravelling, it enlightens me… WOW!

#countyourblessings #thankyou


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what more is there to say?