“Growing with God”

I’ve been “Growing With God” for a while now and it takes am inner strength to apply that to your career and be proud to shout about it – well I can only say a big thank you to God for walking me through my challenges in these recent years.


Pegged as a title of works before the project was even in manifestation mode, GWG, which had been living on the existence of others faith music, finally found it feet when the poem “The Waiting Game” was penned to support an event called “Pillow Talk” in January 2017.

2017 pushed the door even further when the song ” The Sun Goes Down” came to life sharing the story of vision loss.  Married with a wanton to thank TBN UK @TBNUKtv for their service to date in helping to maintain willpower for living, Growing With God, has been simmering on the stove and marinading those ingredients to create the sublime ‘pull’.

From what I thought was to  be a “Woman of Substance” has turned out to shred its cloak of passiveness to Da-dah your ass and simple state its true DNA of “Growing With God”.  If you can handle this worship with a difference, I welcome you on board to help me continue in my journey for love, life and offerings for others to heal.

Geri Minelli (proud to be  child of the Most High)   also check out  Geri Minelli “Jam4Jesus”