Jam 4 Jesus 2018

Welcome to “Jam 4 Jesus” a project created by Geri Minelli in 2013.  The project welcomes all those wishing to celebrate their faith in a musical fashion on the platform of HOPE & GLORY.

From a simple collection of praise songs, J4J is finally being brought to life for an event to share the joys of the “Peace One Day” movement celebrated on September 21st each year. Join program director Geri Minelli and the Uniting The Nations project as they  collaborate with others to bring an evening of musical entertainment and fulfillment for all ages to enjoy.

If you fancy taking to the stage with this wonderful presentation of musical endeavour  set to be hosted in a church environment in Birmingham on September 21st, please contact Uniting The Nations Program on Twitter Facebook or by sending an email to info@unitingthenations.uk / Alternative contact DM @geriminelli

“My contributions will be a selection of songs by popular music artists and some of my own material.  What do you fancy bringing to the table?” Geri Minelli