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With a love for musical film – I started writing songs before I reached a teenager.  I actually have a catalogue of self-penned music, however, the first lyrics logged shows my compostion from the age of 10.

By the time I was 12 I was in love with Dolly Parton and country music, maybe as the result of my Father listening to Jim Reeves when I was a child.

At the age of 14 I wrote my first film/book ( my only to date too) “I Enjoy Being a Girl” the closest version to “Annie” the musical – which my sister took me to the cinema to see.

After my first appearance in the local Newspaper at the age of 7, I guess the seeds were planted however, never really nurtured.

Dance school became my solace of expression as I showed flair for the art (musical film had its influence) I was soon teaching my peers how to dance during school classes and making my mark as the entertainer.

At the age of 16 I decided I didn’t want to dance anymore and took the mic, however, don’t quite recall how I got there or who influenced me, however I was by them creating my own songs to the backing tracks of others and Duran Duran Faith in This Color was the first to get the treatment.  Followed by Foreigner “Street Thunder” and Deep Purple resemblence collaborating with Duran’s track taken from the album “The Reflex”…”Shadow On Your Side” was born can be found somewhere in cyberspace.


Invest in a single 

  • January 2018 


Written to raise awareness for diabetes

  • February 2018

You Asked Me Do I Love You (Duet with PJ Albritton)   BUY IT HERE

  • june 2018

” Its A New Day (Come Out From Under)   empower your mindset  Out Now

Written to empower the mindset of those feeling a low ebb and facing challenge


“FOR GOD AND COUNTRY” YOU TUBE CHANNEL – “its like my very own musical ministry and I get to sing covers too”

Series One Winter 2018

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