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Rock    (2015)                  Popular Music                   Dance Tracks (2015)

Minelli Sings...   Minelli Sings...   Minelli Sings...

Country Music  (2015)           Singer-songwriter                    Love Songs

Minelli Sings...   Minelli Sings...   Minelli Sings...

Novolty ‘Halloween        007 Bond Tribute(2015)                Acoustic Sets

Geri sings We Three Kings COVER gold and Christmas Songs too

Geri and her Bond girls “Although known  for performances such as Minelli sings Minnelli and 007 James Bond Tribute, I come from a songwriting background from which even rock shows and jazz have graced myrepetoire list.    Growing up on commercial songs I have been blessed with the ability to fit most genres and have a great love for country music.

Nowadays, you will find me taking up simple performances with my Yee-hah guitar and although I enjoy performing other people’s songs, I am taking great joy in being able to perform some of my own latest works; and if you are truly lucky you will find me fitting in a few popular dance tunes adapted to suit my unplugged sittings.

So… Never Say Never and Never Say Die  –  and if you are anything like me, you may press that ‘default button’ that will bring you back to where your destiny holds you up, simply to stop you from falling.  

Welcome to ‘Operation Salvage’