“Music in Me” The Singer-songwriter

Still waiting to record THAT ALBUM

I’ve always wanted to be able to spend more time simply working on my music, whether it be through performance shows or simply through my own songs.  For the first time, here in 2018 have I been able to really grasp the opportunity and came out kicking and screaming when the year began.

As the year now ends, I look back at my mini-triumphs and thank our Heavenly Father for the good graces that he bestowed upon me to get me through the craziest of times filled with challenge to simply get me through each living day.

My guitar became my default button at the end of last year as I had to come to terms that the madness I used to endure and put my body through was not possible whilst trying to recover physically and I found blessing with the ability to write new songs that reach into the pit of your souls and pull you into understanding; when you know you’ve been there; so as I have said many times this year… shine your light people and be blessed, as you are here with PURPOSE 🙂


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“The Christmas Scorn” is probably my last song for 2018 and as I work to bring you my very NO-BUDGET video, I hope to bring a smile to one or two faces.  emoticon-1659233__smile












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