Music in Me


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“My drive comes from passion and the wanton to achieve – no matter how late in life it comes”  MY WIM STORY

“I grew up in a family who loved listening to the Eagles – no wonder my first love is country.  My Dad would relish in his Jim Reeves songs on a Sunday morning and by the age of 12 I was telling myself Dolly P was mi’mum.

My first ever proper gig was Jazz at 19 at the Cannonball Jazz in Birmingham – however that was short-lived and I followed it up with a rock set.

Don’t get me wrong there were one or two evenings spent with Mr Marley (courtesy of my older siblings) however coming from watching musical films at the age of 5 to escape the madness, I am honored that I enjoyed a wide range of music to help me with my creativity in life”.

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The Producer                                                 “Growing with God”

The Manager                                                  “Jam 4 Jesus”

The Composer

The Agent

The Dancer

The Roadie

The Performer


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