Songbook 2020 Catalog

A New March

What can I say? Another new month is here for us to savor, for it will pass as quickly as the previous two. OMD!!! World! Spring is looming through the bushes and what a pleasant weekend we have just had to enable us to tip the essence of its beauty that lay before us. WeContinue reading “A New March”

Living With Loss:

Living with loss of any kind can impact some to a point of no return, and all of us will at some point in life experience a form of loss and the test will be how we bounce back from the pain. So as we know #Lockdown and #Covid really has given us much toContinue reading “Living With Loss:”


Well only when you have been locked in insolation and out of the internet, can you really know what living in lockdown sincerely is (lol) HAPY NEW YEAR WORLD!!! Wow, well not sure how you ended your 2020, however I have to say that it was aa testing, trying time of anguish. Guess to endContinue reading “HAPPY NEW 2021”

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