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Under Lockdown 2

Yeah, guess you’re under lockdown too huh? Its going to be a long winter , however, just think of how much we have to look forward to once 2021 arrives. Its crazy to have seen how 2020 just slipped away; gave great opportunity for some and yet brought pain for others. We are challenged inContinue reading “Under Lockdown 2”


Its been, its been, its been a while – so simply breathe, so simply smile . Of course I have missed this great connection, however, what good would you see me without #perfecdtion? Exactly that! For none of us are – life isn’t simply like driving a car So let me share, I appreciate all,Continue reading ““Smile””


Amongst the madness that we are swimming through in 2020, I just have to express my #gratitude and the #gratefulness for the ‘love’ I have received. If you get an opportunity to share and express to release the pressure cooker… do! In the midst of watching the unravelling, it enlightens me… WOW! #countyourblessings #thankyou GOD’sContinue reading “GRATEFULNESS”

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