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IS EASY COS UR #BEAUTIFUL Hey guys (wave and hugs) I just wanted to say although I am not able to dive into the depths of my blogging I want to thank you to all of you who liked posts, or followed or anything remotely connected. I find it hard to endure much social mediaContinue reading “LOVIN’YOOOOOOU”

No More Excuses, Please!

What a week!!! Oh My Days! Talk about the runaround… talk about pillow to post… talk about ping pong.# I have to express I have never known anything like it. If I have endured this kind of sorts before, my brain has certainly decided it would not harbor and has decided it belongs in theContinue reading “No More Excuses, Please!”


The Magic behind the Voice As a ‘former’ performer I look back and review the many opportunities missed over the years. Did you ever write out your plans for yourself by the time you reach a certain stage in life? I sealed mine in an envelope, lol, it never panned out that way. I sayContinue reading “Minelli”

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