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Counting Down

So I had the pleasure of seeing some of my family members for the first time in a year and it felt good to be (outdoors) with them. It just felt good to connect. I have a bit of the #HowardHughes syndrome, so don’t be coming to hug me just yet… R U #Crazeeeee 🤣.Continue reading “Counting Down”

A New March

What can I say? Another new month is here for us to savor, for it will pass as quickly as the previous two. OMD!!! World! Spring is looming through the bushes and what a pleasant weekend we have just had to enable us to tip the essence of its beauty that lay before us. WeContinue reading “A New March”

Living With Loss:

Living with loss of any kind can impact some to a point of no return, and all of us will at some point in life experience a form of loss and the test will be how we bounce back from the pain. So as we know #Lockdown and #Covid really has given us much toContinue reading “Living With Loss:”

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