“The Bottom Line”

Geri Minelli Music

You work in you look like
like you've been hit by the sin truck
sneaking in your best friend guilt
has knocked and just arrived
it clouds over your face and your mind's not sitting in this place at this time your eyes start wondering
Moving left to right - left to right

got you spinning around and around and around
Your head's up in the clouds your feet don't touch the ground
Like a washing machine they will rinse you real clean till the cycle is through with you...

Monday morning I start feeling blue
Tuesday morning your feeling the same as I do
Wednesday morning when dawn is breaking
That's when you feel your heart is aching
Thursday morning you feel like giving in
Friday you'll be repenting for your sins
Saturday is your time for givin'
Sunday knowing that you'll be forgiven
But the bottom line
is don't you waste my time...


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