The Magic in the Voice

The Magic Behind the Voice

What people fail to rememeber is that before I was creating amazing efforts to celebrate women and the lives of people of international culture, I was a performing artiste.

I was songwriting from a very young age and living the I wanna pass every audition phase.  When I discovered that I didnt like failing, I created my own pathways for success.  Now remember that success is measured in many different ways and simply being able to create and execute was my ladder to succeed.

So for many that can’t get their head around the many of us who have to wear many hats to simply survive in life…  let me share that that’s cool if you have a wardrobe big enough to hold them all.  Don’t let someone turn the light off on your spot on your stage.  All I can say is to them is… don’t knock it and the efforts of success that you apply to your worth, as its your journey and I can assure you, many out there will never even attempt to take those Footsteps with you.  GO!  Be blessesd and bless someone else along the way.  #ONESHOTGLORY

The Songwriter

The Dancer

The Performer

The Producter

The Events Co-ordinator

Header Image taken from “Minelli Sings Minnelli” 2004

Minelli Sings…Minnelli

Minelli Sings… Motown

Minelli Sings… Popular Music

Minelli Sings… 007 Tribute

Minelli Sings… Summer Nights

Geri sings We Three Kings COVER gold.jpg 



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