Uniting The Nations – Cultural Program

Uniting The Nations Cultural Awareness Program was created in 2008 to help bring society together at a time when there was so much bad news about young people and crime and civil unrest within the communities.  Objective: to share multicultural tradition in hope of bringing understanding to appreciation toward others who make up our diverse society.

2008 – Uniting The Nations Weekend

2008 –  Uniting The Nations Festival

2008 – UTN Ball of Dames

2009 – Uniting The Nations “Festival of Voices”

2010 –

2011 – Uniting The Nations “Festival of Voices”

2012 –  Uniting The Nations “Festival of Voices


2017 – UTN Women’s Business Convention

2017 – UTN Support Surgeries @ John Lewis Monthly Meet Ups

2017 – UTN “Restore Conference”

2018 – UTN “Empower Your Mindset”Party – JOIN US ON JULY 1ST

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